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eSimProject Submission12/07/19312
eSimFoot Print Mapping12/07/19191
eSimNot able to select any footprint12/07/19111
eSimSetting parameters for PCB12/07/19151
eSimError while Simulating12/07/19211
eSimafter reading netlist footprint error occur12/07/19191
eSimregarding connection of components RC106312/07/19121
eSimCouldn't able to find out the footprint for v2, v312/07/19181
eSimError while doing schematic Creation11/07/19211
eSimRegarding CvPCB11/07/19141
eSimerror while opening phython plotting editor11/07/19161
eSimPayment process for eSim coordinators workshop 27 july 1910/07/19291
eSimCvPCB does not read Footprints10/07/19301
eSim1182 uploaded successfully for footprint of lm741 i follow the same with 7805...10/07/19412
eSimProject File Name10/07/19261
eSimWhen convert kicad to Ng it shows a window of unknown model lm_74109/07/19271
eSimWhile checking electrical rules it gives error at input and output label wher...09/07/19312
eSimLm741 this component is not appeared under eSim_Devices so what is a solutio...08/07/19351
eSimafter generation of gerber file then save it and when i type ctr+alt+T that w...08/07/19261
eSimeSim Coordinator Workshop Assignment Submission08/07/19502
eSimRegarding eSim Coordinator Workshop Assignment Submission07/07/19321
eSimProblem in Selection of Lm_74107/07/19392
eSimMapping components with footprints and also onwords all video is not playing...06/07/19281
eSimMapping components with footprints this video is not played in spoken tutoria...06/07/19221
eSimRegarding Uploading of Assignment-RC No-148406/07/19311
eSimLM_741 is not available in eSim_Subckt filter05/07/19582
eSimError During Simulation of Circuit in eSim04/07/19351
eSimError During Simulation of Circuit04/07/19241
Affordable-LaptopIssues with Wi-Fi04/07/19241
ScilabImplementasi ImageDataStore funtion In Scilab04/07/19261
eSimInstallation of esim(Python Package issue)03/07/19351
Scilabparticipants are not received online certificate03/07/19301
Affordable-LaptopCould you help us to get affordable Laptops to our college RC ID:147203/07/19251
Affordable-LaptopMy RC NO.1472, We haven't received any LAPTOPS from IIT-B03/07/19201
eSimMy RC NO.147203/07/19471
eSimAssignment is tough and after watching spoken tutorial morethan three times ...02/07/19723
eSimI hope the Assignment 2 is attached instead of assignment 102/07/19773
Affordable-LaptopOperating System01/07/19191
DWSIMNot responding error29/06/19313
OpenFOAMInlet Velocity28/06/19280
DWSIMError while accessing compounds26/06/19291
ScilabLeft shift operaion and combining 3char to form an int value26/06/19291
Pythonunable to download certificate for may course25/06/19441
Affordable-LaptopI want to transfer my data from windows pc to debian laptop24/06/19282
ScilabpyImport -scipython20/06/19371
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ScilabPerformance between Windows and Linux14/06/19590
Affordable-LaptopAC adapter for the affordable laptop12/06/19361
ScilabScilab to xcos and xcos to scilab communication12/06/19580
ScilabDependency file in scilab10/06/19471
ScilabPlotting problem07/06/19660
ScilabUsing Clear Command in Examples with Dependency Code(s) - TBC Review04/06/19502
eSimSchematic contain unknown model "inv2x"01/06/19552
PythonPython enrollment01/06/19661
DWSIMR.O desalination17/05/191001
DWSIMCustom modeler17/05/19851
eSimWhen trying to convert kicad to ngspice it is showing "your schematic contain...08/05/19942
ScilabCandycrush code07/05/19901
ScilabScilab/Matlab Problem.05/05/191161
ScilabRegarding Symbolic Tool Box05/05/19870
ScilabRegarding TBC on Scilab04/05/191155
Scilabhow to work on scilab04/05/191202
ScilabHow to use scilab04/05/19831
Scilabregarding data sets04/05/19851
Scilabscilab doubt04/05/191002
ScilabScilab codes and its results will be allowed to quote in publications, if i a...04/05/19911
Scilabhalf wave rectifier model execution problem03/05/19981
DWSIMclassic extractive distillation with 2 simple columns,  with water, ethanol a...29/04/191001
DWSIMNot able to download the codes for Textbook Companion Project24/04/191091
Scilabusing cameras with Scilab and IPCV10/04/191180
PythonHow to keep the proxy setup active till the end of execution10/04/191011
PythonWhere to submit screening task31/03/191130
Pythonunable to attempt quiz631/03/19981
ScilabApplying Filters to signals28/03/191220
DWSIMReaction manager26/03/191711
FOSSEE Laptophow to uninstall debian and install windows 1026/03/19800
Affordable-LaptopThe 1 Tb hard disk is automatically de-mounting25/03/191081
Affordable-LaptopUnable to access update files for off-line update22/03/19881
ScilabMODULUS in XCOS20/03/191180
PythonPython fossee fellowship reexam19/03/19981
eSimunable to use esim_pspice library components18/03/191281
OpenModelicaNot installed on macos16/03/19851
Affordable-LaptopI want to install Linux into my hard disk instead of Flash Drive, How can I d...13/03/191121
DWSIMequillibrium reactor12/03/192082
eSimAbout changing the course09/03/191412
eSimabsence of component in library08/03/191581
PythonSelf Learning Course March/April 201906/03/191512
ScilabHelp a newbie; How to implement an equation?05/03/191381
eSimIC subcircuit cannot found04/03/191581