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Scilabxcos vector division29/05/2060
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eSimnon conduction of SCR28/05/2081
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ScilabXcos gives a modelica error23/05/20190
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Affordable-LaptopBuying a new adaptor for rdp laptop22/05/20211
Scilabcreating random numbers and histogram plot in scilab22/05/20200
PythonCanopy unavailable20/05/20301
ScilabRandom No. Generator Code in ScIlab and its visualization in graph by help of c…19/05/20262
Rhow to install R and R-studio on Macbook18/05/20230
eSimhow to get LM 74117/05/20351
PythonAbout Certificates16/05/20581
PythonRegarding python next schedule16/05/20421
ScilabScilab Textbook Companion Project16/05/20361
eSimToo few parameters15/05/20391
DWSIMCan't import Matlab libraries?.14/05/20502
DWSIM3-phase separator14/05/20582
ScilabXCOS scope plot gridlines13/05/20371
eSimvoltage regulator12/05/20501
DWSIMPVC Component12/05/20370
Scilabusing debug mode12/05/20382
Affordable-LaptopKDE plasma login11/05/20422
ScilabLevenberg Marquardt11/05/20300
eSimBoost converter switch11/05/20492
eSimreference designator for Mosfet in subcircuit06/05/20591
ScilabHow to fit data and derivate fited data?04/05/20431
DWSIMError in Equilibrium Reactor04/05/20471
Scilabusing spinner uicontrol03/05/20403
Pythondo we have pyhton shell on Ubuntu / linux platform29/04/20502
PythonUnable to download canopy as instructed by Instructor29/04/20471
RHow to find the Code files from where we can download captaincy.csv data file f…28/04/20781
ScilabProblem with dynamic link - Ubuntu28/04/20521
ScilabRésolution of ODE +log27/04/20470
PythonRegarding Certificate27/04/201002
DWSIMPolymer Component creator27/04/20594
RIf I insrall latest version of R , Any problem arise in my learning??27/04/20491
PythonHow to down load Ipython in windows26/04/20531
Affordable-LaptopIs there any software upgrade from debian 9 to debian 10 buster?25/04/20721
ScilabScilab Coding for cluster formation in scilab25/04/20541
Pythonerror in cat23/04/20651
ScilabScilab Coding for cluster analysis in molecular dynamics19/04/20900
RInstallation Package like mass, ggplot2 are not installed19/04/20881
eSimCritical Path Delay17/04/20771
eSimCircuit simulation project- PCB design16/04/20761
ScilabXCOS Second Order System with Imaginary Poles "Answer given for denominator is …16/04/20751
eSimproject nsme15/04/20701
PythonUsing Plot Command Interactively14/04/20841
ScilabScilab/Xcos undefined variable11/04/20841
eSimhow to save a subckt10/04/20891
eSimWhere to find library of most devices08/04/20911
eSimNew installation procedure08/04/20991
PythonAbout certificate07/04/201521
Affordable-Laptopmicrophone sound not detected05/04/20771
Affordable-LaptopHard disk stops working04/04/20621
eSimproblem esim-2.0 on ubuntu 18.0402/04/201032
Affordable-LaptopVideo editor that works on affordable laptop30/03/20691
ScilabRL Transient response30/03/20831
DWSIMSyntheis/production of ammonium nitrate26/03/201101
ScilabExecuting file in other Software (FlexPDE)24/03/20820
ScilabScilab Gui axes object problem.24/03/20941
ScilabPrintf Format need the output for the Exponential value23/03/20872
Scilabconcatenate two or more string from matrix19/03/20851
ScilabPossibility to create a process with tags connected to an OPC server.10/03/201511
ScilabProblem with dynamic link05/03/201350
eSimhow to open esim03/03/201491
OpenFOAMMesh generation using blockMesh utility02/03/201449
eSimplot error in esim02/03/201441
ScilabVibration acceleration enveloping for bearing fault detection29/02/201000
eSimHow to build/make an IC in eSim so it can be used in schematic via place compon…27/02/201442
eSimI am trying to use a transformer in a circuit but error in esim simulation26/02/201132
Scilabfft on simple plot26/02/201191
OpenPLCChange of OS25/02/201112
DWSIMFlowsheet proposal form submitted but one of the compounds to be used was left …24/02/202301
eSimNsSpice plot not working20/02/201231
DWSIMAmberlyst and sulfuric acid are not available in the list, how to proceed.18/02/201202
ScilabData fitting leastsq vs. lsqrsolve, don't success to use lsqrsolve18/02/201291
RWant to learn R Programming for Data Science?18/02/201182
PythonWhat is worth and cost of Artifical Intelligence?10/02/201331
ScilabDownload scilab on Mac10/02/20991
eSimLM2596 component no present09/02/201351
PythonUpgradation of a package09/02/20991
Pythoni registered for the workshop to participate in that. and yesterday08/02/201211
Scilabset to visible06/02/20970
ScilabData from Figure05/02/20921
ScilabUsing Scinotes and parfor05/02/20921
RHow do you fix a programming error in R?04/02/20981
PythonHow to combine multiple (many) .txt files into one04/02/20943
RWhat are some good onlne courses for R Programming?03/02/20721
ScilabOpening a text file in scilab03/02/201131
eSimRegarding potentiometer30/01/201301