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OpenFOAMMesh generation using blockMesh utility02/03/206710
eSimplot error in esim02/03/20691
ScilabVibration acceleration enveloping for bearing fault detection29/02/20501
eSimHow to build/make an IC in eSim so it can be used in schematic via place compon…27/02/20722
eSimI am trying to use a transformer in a circuit but error in esim simulation26/02/20522
Scilabfft on simple plot26/02/20601
OpenPLCChange of OS25/02/20602
DWSIMFlowsheet proposal form submitted but one of the compounds to be used was left …24/02/201171
eSimNsSpice plot not working20/02/20691
DWSIMAmberlyst and sulfuric acid are not available in the list, how to proceed.18/02/20652
ScilabData fitting leastsq vs. lsqrsolve, don't success to use lsqrsolve18/02/20691
RWant to learn R Programming for Data Science?18/02/20611
PythonWhat is worth and cost of Artifical Intelligence?10/02/20841
ScilabDownload scilab on Mac10/02/20530
eSimLM2596 component no present09/02/20741
PythonUpgradation of a package09/02/20561
Pythoni registered for the workshop to participate in that. and yesterday08/02/20681
Scilabset to visible06/02/20550
ScilabData from Figure05/02/20461
ScilabUsing Scinotes and parfor05/02/20511
RHow do you fix a programming error in R?04/02/20481
PythonHow to combine multiple (many) .txt files into one04/02/20553
RWhat are some good onlne courses for R Programming?03/02/2081
ScilabOpening a text file in scilab03/02/20621
eSimRegarding potentiometer30/01/20771
eSimAstable Multivibrator using 555 timer30/01/20761
eSimReagrding adding AC source29/01/20791
eSimAstable mutivibrator29/01/20791
Pythonregarding python self learning course26/01/20951
Affordable-LaptopFIles and folders backup19/01/20583
Scilab ToolboxFOSSEE Optimization Toolbox: Least squares problem call to fmincon does not wor…18/01/20940
DWSIMReaction manager in Mac os18/01/20843
ScilabCheck if x or y are eigenvectors of matrix A.16/01/20541
PythonThe error message viewed at the beginning of Spyder315/01/20701
Scilab ToolboxFOSSEE Optimization Toolbox: Least squares problem call to fmincon does not work14/01/20663
Scilab ToolboxI am having problems with the below code. It is a14/01/20390
ScilabPlease help me in solving the problem in scilab14/01/20712
ScilabCould anyone please help me in solving the following problem14/01/20501
eSimInstallation Error in NgSpice14/01/201031
ScilabUsing function datafit14/01/20521
PythonError message in Spyder313/01/20591
eSimError in grounding the circuit12/01/20561
eSimERROR IN kicadtongspice convertor12/01/20651
ScilabCan't import Matlab libraries11/01/20652
ScilabEquivalent function or procedure to Matlab's analoginput('winsound')08/01/20811
FOSSEE LaptopAdministrator(root) password is not working08/01/20441
ScilabHow else can I optimization this code?08/01/20741
PythonEnrolment for course24/12/191111
PythonWhen will I be able to view the results (scores) of Advkvpython2019 Phase II Qu…18/12/19581
DWSIMError while opening "Open Python Script Editor"06/12/191421
Scilab ToolboxIt came from the same source code as Matlab05/12/191301
ScilabNeed help this matlab function into Scilab [fitobject,gof,output] = fit(x,y,fit…05/12/19981
DWSIMAutomation of compound separator04/12/191061
ScilabCatching data with pc audio card using Scilab and (or) Xcos03/12/191133
eSimError in kicad to ngspice.02/12/191281
PythonHow to download certificate after completion of the self learning python progra…29/11/191861
eSimhow to do AC analysis in eSim27/11/191714
PythonRestricted the input up to 8character24/11/191151
PythonKvadvance Python course23/11/191281
OpenFOAMConvergence problem in steady state simulation of centrifugal fan in openfoam22/11/192131
OpenFOAMWhere to add new field while using dsmcfoam?22/11/191852
ScilabInformation about .sci file18/11/191381
PythonPrerequisite Quiz could not attempted due to technical problem in kv advance co…14/11/191141
RIs it possible to index the data using two variables (while using indexing and …09/11/191081
OsdagDuring instalation found problem with miniconda and PyQt5 module07/11/191241
ScilabIs it possible to input values from Excel directly into scilab?03/11/191612
eSimUnable to add library02/11/191701
eSimMapping components footprints02/11/191451
Affordable-LaptopProblem with the use of earphones31/10/191641
ScilabCan we give a link to Xcos examples from
ScilabHow can I select variables in the Xcos SUPER_f-block mask-editor?29/10/192071
PythonWhen and where will the quiz scores and answer sheets shown...26/10/191631
PythonWhen will I be able to view the results (scores) of kvpython2019 Phase I Quiz …23/10/191461
PythonView score of Python quiz regarding22/10/191331
PythonRegarding the Basics of Python Programming -KV August 201920/10/191482
Affordable-LaptopHDMI not working properly17/10/191723
Scilabhow do I adjust the x y intercept?15/10/191823
ScilabIs there any mathematical package available in SCILAB for Exponential integral …14/10/191532
Scilab-ArduinoWhat do you guys think of SciLab to Ardunio?14/10/1917112
DWSIMUsing a custom compound10/10/192072
Scilab-ArduinoWhat i am wanting to do is simple but I just09/10/192470
Scilabhow to get quad encoder in scilab05/10/191891
Scilabplot doesn't work30/09/192524
PythonBasic of python programming kv August 201922/09/193391
eSimConnectors for Astable Multivibrator21/09/192031