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IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding My Submission19/01/21300
PythonHow to use Flutter as UI for application written in python?18/01/21130
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonWhen results will be declared?16/01/21921
RMS Office online (WOPI) Integration into Servicenow15/01/21200
ScilabExport to FMU failed15/01/21240
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathonwill I get a certificate for not?  (query)15/01/21560
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonResults date15/01/21771
eSimRun eSim on windows 32-bit system14/01/21220
ScilabODE with mass Matrix : M(t,y)*dy/dt=F(t,y)12/01/21290
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding Result declaration12/01/21861
RServiceNow attachments in Camel11/01/21240
Pythondevops training in hyderabad09/01/21351
eSimhow to give supply and ground to 74LS48IC09/01/21361
DWSIMmultiplying flows08/01/21410
ScilabNoise cancellation using single band reject ideal filter07/01/21400
Scilabspectrum analysis07/01/21390
PythonTab completion is not working!06/01/21320
Affordable-LaptopFn key enabled in windows 10.. how to disable it ?06/01/21332
PythonAWS Training in Chennai06/01/21360
eSimOP Analysis, Unable to read Analysis File05/01/21432
Pythonplease give me tutorial02/01/21420
ScilabFile Browser without directories and files01/01/21440
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonSubmission file name31/12/20570
ScilabXcos active load31/12/20540
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding submiting multiple files30/12/20600
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonHaven't received Registration email and Moodle link[URGENT]...30/12/20950
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonMapathon 2020 Registration number and Submission link29/12/20761
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathondate of Submission29/12/20571
OpenFOAMIncorrect lift co-efficients with buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam28/12/20814
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonSubmission Query27/12/20821
eSimInstallation in windows gives following error and unable to start new project27/12/20703
ScilabI need help to solve this exercice26/12/20650
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonTeam name or team members not showing25/12/20721
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathonhow to download District map for road network maping25/12/20891
eSimMeasurement of resistance in eSim ?..24/12/20621
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegistration confirmation24/12/201021
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding Data to be used22/12/20971
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonWhy other participants name is not appearing on the Moodle website?22/12/20831
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonTeam members Problems22/12/20851
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegistration confirmation not received21/12/20751
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegistration Regarding21/12/20661
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonFilling of Registration form20/12/20671
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonNot get Registration number or Link yet20/12/20691
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding registration for confirmation mail20/12/20681
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonFlood Maping20/12/20821
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonNon availability of latest data20/12/20821
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding submission process20/12/20782
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonDoubt regarding softwares to be used19/12/20651
FOSSEE LaptopPanel settings19/12/20491
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonI am studying in school and I am participating alone ,not behalf of school.In t…19/12/20821
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonData Usage- LANDSAT/SENTINEL For latest imgs19/12/20781
PythonGenerate Automatic api documentation with nodejs19/12/20580
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding dataset to use19/12/20881
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathoni have chosen land use land cover topic and to download data i need to fill a M…18/12/20823
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonMultiple registrations18/12/20842
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathonisro data link - reg17/12/20861
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonMultiple registraions17/12/20982
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding Registration17/12/20981
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonChange of District17/12/20901
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonStatewise Healthcare indicator Map17/12/201032
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonClarification16/12/20952
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonMoodle-Regarding16/12/201272
FOSSEE Laptopbrightness decreases after 10-15 seconds ?..16/12/20651
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding map submission15/12/20912
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonIs there any Demo for each problem statement?15/12/201141
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathonby what file format should we have to submit the final map15/12/20951
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonData download -Regarding15/12/201191
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonHelathcare indicators15/12/20861
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonHouse Site plan data Retrieval15/12/20741
eSimeSIM - ubuntu 2015/12/20971
eSimHow to get a certificate for the course?14/12/20851
Scilaborder matrix14/12/20821
eSimwrong inverter output14/12/20811
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonTeam Registered but yet to receive confirmation mail14/12/20931
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegarding change of district selected12/12/201222
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonCan we use software other than QGIS12/12/20942
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonCan we tableau?12/12/20991
PythonClass variable reset to default values when I try to access them12/12/20670
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonTopic regarding12/12/20931
DWSIMCannort import python files present in lib folder in ironpython11/12/20821
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonCan one person submit multiple maps? Will that require multiple registrations b…11/12/201301
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonBasic mapping expertise10/12/201231
IITB-ISRO-AICTE Mapathondepartment for participation10/12/20931
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegd. registration10/12/201231
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRegd. drainage and road network maps.10/12/20991
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonPart wise state mapping10/12/201132
DWSIMDestilación Reactiva en Chemsep10/12/20852
eSimEsim circuit submission09/12/20761
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonCertificate regarding09/12/201091
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonGive a clarity about that..09/12/201141
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonUsing Landviewer Platform09/12/20781
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonMap making regarding09/12/201081
OpenFOAMMPI parallel run issue for RBF motion solver in foam extend 4.009/12/20892
eSimProject approval and disapproval09/12/20801
DWSIMCooling tower09/12/201001
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonCriteria for Certificate09/12/201131
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonGIS software regarding08/12/20991
eSimEsim project upload08/12/20811
Scilabexport bode diagramm07/12/20900
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonRoad Network and Drainage Map07/12/201001
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonParticipation07/12/201101
eSimCmos inverter07/12/20941
IITB-ISRO-AICTE MapathonI selected Road Network/Drainage Maps topic on Mapathon, What's my work?07/12/201482
FOSSEE LaptopScilab code to Sandhi block.......................................03/12/20680
OpenFOAMOpenfoam cannot find a single face in the mesh which uses vertices02/12/20871
ScilabLighting Xcos02/12/201000
OpenFOAMDecreasing the value of y+29/11/201031
PythonSkewed t-distribution in python28/11/20941
DWSIMPlug flow reactor in DW Sim27/11/201221
Scilab-ArduinoI can't detect encoder in scilab 5.5.2 with Arduino v.326/11/20990
PythonInteresting things with Python25/11/201001
Pythonhow can I adjust the variable values of my xcos model in scilab in real time?24/11/20920
ScilabChanging variable values in scilab in real time24/11/201130
PythonWhat is the worth and cost of the DataStage?23/11/20920
DWSIMFree ringtone website you know?22/11/201161
ScilabMATLAB function equivalent in Scilab21/11/201280
PythonTally ERP 9 using python19/11/201091
ScilabSciLab Compex ode18/11/201341
OpenPLCHow is forescout Docker different from a virtual machine?18/11/20900
ScilabTime format and conversion18/11/201180
Scilabplot the curve17/11/201300
ScilabCombining Scilab with Xcos and Arduino Toolbox16/11/201371
DWSIMHello, I would like to know what kind of databases can be linked with DWSIM, I …09/11/201341
Scilabplotting with Sciflt's plotsurf09/11/201471
eSimXpdf dependency while trying to install eSim 2.008/11/201272
PythonPython - Pyproj Transform Returns inf for Blank Cell in CSV. How to ignore blan…06/11/201090
OpenFOAMObtaining csv data from xy plot in Paraview05/11/201281
PythonHow to check the file type of python InMemoryUploadedFile file?04/11/201120
OpenFOAM2d pressure swirl atomizer using vof03/11/202008
DWSIMAdding Oil compound to DWSIM02/11/201521
ScilabIssue with axes labels on graphs30/10/201411
ScilabError message ( in builtin)30/10/201571
OpenFOAMHow to create ZeroThicknessWall in SnappyHexMesh? Also Can I use toposet (or sp…29/10/201604
OpenFOAMDifference between foam and algorithm in openfoam29/10/201391
OpenFOAMRadial Basis Function (RBF) mesh motion solver for pitching motion28/10/201611
OpenFOAMTypes of dynamic mesh motion solver for pitching airfoil28/10/201751
OpenFOAMAMR to capture shocks24/10/201692
PythonOkta Flask Integration24/10/201310
OpenFOAMNon-Dimensional Contour Plots23/10/201443
Pythonpython script slowing the data load to a database23/10/201300
ScilabHow to use call_scilab?22/10/201720
eSiminstallition problem19/10/201792
ScilabDebug() inderstanding16/10/201530
ScilabI'm having trouble during the simulation of Electrical Circuits in Xcos16/10/201812
OpenPLCWhat is SEO and suggest me one best seo course?16/10/201421
eSimabout uncox and pcox of mosfet15/10/201611
PythonDynamically schedule python scripts based off dates in csv15/10/201580
eSimngspice error15/10/201833
eSimabout transistor operating region14/10/201651
FOCALResize an imported images13/10/201441
FOCALFrames per second13/10/201491
FOCALHow to set Time frame13/10/201521
FOCALSynfig Studio 1.2.2 canvas resize13/10/201431
FOCALSynfig Studio 1.2.213/10/201682
eSimcan we 10bit adc simulations with opensource PDK?11/10/201541
eSimabout kicad netlist query10/10/201691
Affordable-Laptopblack screen09/10/201541
DWSIMRadFrac Model08/10/201711
eSimtransistor Region08/10/201731
Affordable-LaptopISO File for the IITB version OS07/10/201721
DWSIMExtractive Distillation converging06/10/201591
eSimregarding ac source05/10/201601
ScilabHow to activate Symbolic Maths in Scilab 6.1?05/10/202050
eSimAbout model parameters05/10/201811
DWSIMAbsorber simulation in version 6.104/10/201801
eSimmay i know how to calculate the current03/10/201882
Affordable-Laptopdevnagari fonts30/09/201871
eSimunable to read analysis file29/09/202162
DWSIMCompound/component mapping28/09/201843
DWSIMfew options not available26/09/201771
ScilabSolution for following error!!!25/09/202291
DWSIMFormalin simulation25/09/201741
eSimnghdl installation24/09/202215
DWSIMthe flash algorithm not appering dwsim24/09/201961
eSimAbout global label error23/09/201811
eSimunable to create new project23/09/201871
eSimIam not able to connect the wire between some components in kicad editor...but …21/09/202032
Pythonerror fixing21/09/202090
OpenFOAMProblem before Instaling OPENFOAM19/09/202442
DWSIMHow to add Sucrose compound to the Database?18/09/202091
ScilabScilab crashing on FFT17/09/202550
DWSIMproperty pacakge16/09/202181
Affordable-Laptopupdating GNU octave14/09/201821
DWSIMflash algorithm not appering dwsim13/09/202291
ScilabXCOS electric simulation does not work12/09/202761
eSimAdding a Library12/09/202481
ScilabHow To: Estimate System (transfer Function) from the Input and Output Data09/09/202491
DWSIMUnable to use 32 bit C++ DLL in DWSIM5 source code.09/09/202861
DWSIMInstallation of DWSIM07/09/202421
DWSIMHow to sort component list (Selected compounds)?06/09/202233
DWSIMObject reference not set to an instance of an object?05/09/202091
DWSIMI have problems changing the compunds in a existing model?02/09/202432
Affordable-LaptopSound card not working ??01/09/202262
Pythonunable to obtain the link of txt file and download mentioned in the videos31/08/202420
DWSIMcentrifugal pump29/08/202561
DWSIMheterogeneous catalyst28/08/202701
Affordable-LaptopI want to buy25/08/202421
DWSIMParallel reaction in Heterogeneous catalytic reaction25/08/202741
Affordable-Laptopwifi icon missing25/08/202312
ScilabNormalisation principle in X2C24/08/202951
eSimAbout eSim AC source parameter setting23/08/202761
eSimHalf wave rectifier20/08/202621
DWSIMThe tab for binary phase envelope is not visible on reopening the dwxml file.19/08/202411
Pythonby using %save i and then %run gives not find fil…16/08/202320
DWSIMBiomass pirolisis16/08/202892
DWSIMError in adding connections to Cape_Open Objects15/08/202982
eSimError( unknoen model)15/08/202621
Pythonwhat is the substitute of linspace() function?14/08/202290
eSimERC ErrrType (3)14/08/202501
Pythonsave plot using savefig() function13/08/202220
ScilabXcos files can not be opend13/08/202821
ScilabCode gen to (preferably) modern C++13/08/202620
OsdagLatest version with member designs13/08/202561
ScilabScilab program has stopped working when excecuting code.12/08/203092
DWSIMError in Density calculation12/08/202501
OpenFOAMLarge eddy simulation12/08/202871
eSimRegarding components (quartz crystal)09/08/202642
eSimNot Working on Ubuntu 18.04LTS08/08/202721
eSimConflict between sources08/08/202671
eSimeSim ouput filtering08/08/202721
Affordable-LaptopLog in related issue due to disk space problem04/08/202591
ScilabScilab is not working31/07/203261
DWSIMThermodynamic property package selection31/07/203171
Affordable-LaptopInstalling hard disk in RDP thinbook31/07/202591
ScilabFTP file transfert29/07/202700
DWSIMUsing temperature dependent function of K in Equilibrium Reactor27/07/202861
Affordable-LaptopInstalling python3.6 on linux927/07/202591
Affordable-LaptopRemotely accessing windows desktop from linux machine25/07/202481
PythonAmount is debited but transaction is failed25/07/202921
DWSIMI have installed and configured GNU Octave but i cant able to model pc shaft25/07/202932
DWSIMHow to model Pc Shaft in Dwsim updated version.24/07/202732
Affordable-LaptopIssue in extracting vpn files to overwrite default config files22/07/203243
eSimError while installing Esim19/07/203051
Affordable-LaptopDisk space related issue18/07/202531
OsdagWhen will be the all design elements like tension compression etc will release …15/07/202911
OpenFOAMRegarding error in new expression syntax in openfoam 191215/07/202991
Affordable-LaptopNo sound input14/07/202712
eSimOpening schematic for a new project14/07/203271
DWSIMDWSIM installation Error13/07/203721
eSimfoot print layout for PCB designing for 7805voltage reggulator10/07/203362
DWSIMsimulation inspector09/07/203031
ScilabHow can I align the zeros in a two y-axes plot09/07/203210
eSimfoot print layout for PCB design09/07/203152
eSimUnable to open schematic09/07/203233
OpenFOAMHow to update supply temperature on boundary based on the measured temperature …03/07/203371
DWSIMHeterogeneous Catalytic Error tf=t001/07/203491
Affordable-LaptopBluetooth Wireless headset (Skull candy Riffle wireless) not connecting to lapt…01/07/202922
eSimFootprint library29/06/203293
eSimWhy there is a need of PWR_FLAG?28/06/203341
eSimUnder "Device Modeling" Tab for Kicad to Ngspice conversion, what kinds of file…28/06/203211
eSimEsim doesnt start - gives error message related to ZLIB_1.2.9 on Ubuntu 18.04.427/06/203672
PythonPython certification for May 202026/06/203411
PythonPython certification26/06/203101
FOSSEE LaptopDownload mobdro 2.1.86 for PC or laptop?26/06/202861
ScilabRegarding TBC internship forms25/06/203201
Pythonfailure to run ipython23/06/203081
RInstalling R and R Studio22/06/203051
ScilabCan't display results on a plot22/06/203500
PythonJupyter Notebook issues with Python320/06/202941
ScilabIGBT Block in Scilab/Xcos19/06/203580
ScilabHow Can I choose one root between two roots in a second order polynomial on Sci…19/06/203440
FOSSEE LaptopHow to configure bios17/06/202791
OpenFOAMPostProcess for OpenFOAM1606+16/06/203521
Pythonwill use issue certificate of Python Self Learning Course of python of may 202015/06/203521
PythonCertificate not issued14/06/203382
DWSIMRegarding Optimization Tool13/06/203221
eSimInbuild project12/06/203451
eSimInvert the signal12/06/203231
eSimeSim devices12/06/203491
eSimunable to install eSim 2.0 on ubuntu 20.04LTS11/06/204541
eSimDevies in filter11/06/203572
ScilabScilab not working with ubuntu 20.04 LTS10/06/206170
PythonRegarding course access10/06/203321
ScilabScilab memory (stacksize) issues10/06/203670
eSimunable to install eSim 2.0 on ubuntu 20.04LTL10/06/203381
Pythonregarding B grade in self learning python course09/06/203510
PythonCertificate enquiry09/06/203621
ScilabHow to integrate Scilab with Moodle platfrom for performing the practical09/06/203640
ScilabSolution for following error09/06/204180
PythonGrading System02/06/203771
ScilabRegarding TBC02/06/203281
PythonHow to register for Python self learning course?01/06/205921
Scilabxcos modulo function31/05/204021
PythonRegarding python self learning course and workshop31/05/203311
Scilabxcos vector division29/05/203540
eSimnon conduction of bottom SCR28/05/203571
eSimnon conduction of SCR28/05/203351
ScilabDrawing with xcos28/05/203400
ScilabQuestion about radius value in polarplot command27/05/203760
FOSSEE LaptopToolbar and multimedia list23/05/202941
PythonSpyder3 Update23/05/203161
Affordable-Laptopbattery charging LED23/05/203081
ScilabModelica error23/05/203950
ScilabXcos gives a modelica error23/05/203840
FOSSEE LaptopBrightness of screen23/05/202911
ScilabXcos Electrical Loads Analysis22/05/203920
Affordable-LaptopBuying a new adaptor for rdp laptop22/05/203291
Scilabcreating random numbers and histogram plot in scilab22/05/203700
PythonCanopy unavailable20/05/203341
ScilabRandom No. Generator Code in ScIlab and its visualization in graph by help of c…19/05/203962
Rhow to install R and R-studio on Macbook18/05/203391
eSimhow to get LM 74117/05/203771
PythonAbout Certificates16/05/204552
PythonRegarding python next schedule16/05/203351
ScilabScilab Textbook Companion Project16/05/204081
eSimToo few parameters15/05/2048728
ScilabCan't import Matlab libraries?.14/05/203411
DWSIM3-phase separator14/05/204812
ScilabXCOS scope plot gridlines13/05/204331
eSimvoltage regulator12/05/204201
DWSIMPVC Component12/05/203631
Scilabusing debug mode12/05/204142
Affordable-LaptopKDE plasma login11/05/203302
ScilabLevenberg Marquardt11/05/203560
eSimBoost converter switch11/05/204101
eSimreference designator for Mosfet in subcircuit06/05/203751
ScilabHow to fit data and derivate fited data?04/05/203911
DWSIMError in Equilibrium Reactor04/05/203901
Scilabusing spinner uicontrol03/05/204243
Pythondo we have pyhton shell on Ubuntu / linux platform29/04/203431
PythonUnable to download canopy as instructed by Instructor29/04/203621
RHow to find the Code files from where we can download captaincy.csv data file f…28/04/204191
ScilabProblem with dynamic link - Ubuntu28/04/203841
ScilabRésolution of ODE +log27/04/203690
PythonRegarding Certificate27/04/204232
DWSIMPolymer Component creator27/04/203993
RIf I insrall latest version of R , Any problem arise in my learning??27/04/203791
PythonHow to down load Ipython in windows26/04/203431
Affordable-LaptopIs there any software upgrade from debian 9 to debian 10 buster?25/04/203551
ScilabScilab Coding for cluster formation in scilab25/04/204101
Pythonerror in cat23/04/203681
ScilabScilab Coding for cluster analysis in molecular dynamics19/04/204460
RInstallation Package like mass, ggplot2 are not installed19/04/205691
eSimCritical Path Delay17/04/203811
eSimCircuit simulation project- PCB design16/04/203901
ScilabXCOS Second Order System with Imaginary Poles "Answer given for denominator is …16/04/204391
eSimproject nsme15/04/203751
PythonUsing Plot Command Interactively14/04/204021
ScilabScilab/Xcos undefined variable11/04/205781
eSimhow to save a subckt10/04/204141
eSimWhere to find library of most devices08/04/204241
eSimNew installation procedure08/04/204561
PythonAbout certificate07/04/204941
Affordable-Laptopmicrophone sound not detected05/04/203691
Affordable-LaptopHard disk stops working04/04/203471
eSimproblem esim-2.0 on ubuntu 18.0402/04/204792
Affordable-LaptopVideo editor that works on affordable laptop30/03/203661
ScilabRL Transient response30/03/204451
DWSIMSyntheis/production of ammonium nitrate26/03/204381
ScilabExecuting file in other Software (FlexPDE)24/03/204260
ScilabScilab Gui axes object problem.24/03/204461
ScilabPrintf Format need the output for the Exponential value23/03/203972
Scilabconcatenate two or more string from matrix19/03/204311
ScilabPossibility to create a process with tags connected to an OPC server.10/03/204731
ScilabProblem with dynamic link05/03/205150
eSimhow to open esim03/03/204971
OpenFOAMMesh generation using blockMesh utility02/03/205055
eSimplot error in esim02/03/204821
ScilabVibration acceleration enveloping for bearing fault detection29/02/204040
eSimHow to build/make an IC in eSim so it can be used in schematic via place compon…27/02/204762
eSimI am trying to use a transformer in a circuit but error in esim simulation26/02/204462
Scilabfft on simple plot26/02/204570
OpenPLCChange of OS25/02/203761
DWSIMFlowsheet proposal form submitted but one of the compounds to be used was left …24/02/205701
eSimNsSpice plot not working20/02/204511
DWSIMAmberlyst and sulfuric acid are not available in the list, how to proceed.18/02/204571
ScilabData fitting leastsq vs. lsqrsolve, don't success to use lsqrsolve18/02/204760
RWant to learn R Programming for Data Science?18/02/205092
PythonWhat is worth and cost of Artifical Intelligence?10/02/204501
ScilabDownload scilab on Mac10/02/204201
eSimLM2596 component no present09/02/204411
PythonUpgradation of a package09/02/203621
Pythoni registered for the workshop to participate in that. and yesterday08/02/204121
Scilabset to visible06/02/204171
ScilabData from Figure05/02/204071
ScilabUsing Scinotes and parfor05/02/203991
RHow do you fix a programming error in R?04/02/203941
PythonHow to combine multiple (many) .txt files into one04/02/203661
RWhat are some good onlne courses for R Programming?03/02/203921
ScilabOpening a text file in scilab03/02/204561
eSimRegarding potentiometer30/01/204661
eSimAstable Multivibrator using 555 timer30/01/204821
eSimReagrding adding AC source29/01/205241
eSimAstable mutivibrator29/01/204791
Pythonregarding python self learning course26/01/204171
Affordable-LaptopFIles and folders backup19/01/203661
Scilab ToolboxFOSSEE Optimization Toolbox: Least squares problem call to fmincon does not wor…18/01/204231
DWSIMReaction manager in Mac os18/01/204981
ScilabCheck if x or y are eigenvectors of matrix A.16/01/204401
PythonThe error message viewed at the beginning of Spyder315/01/204141
Scilab ToolboxFOSSEE Optimization Toolbox: Least squares problem call to fmincon does not work14/01/204080
Scilab ToolboxI am having problems with the below code. It is a14/01/203430
ScilabPlease help me in solving the problem in scilab14/01/204281
ScilabCould anyone please help me in solving the following problem14/01/204011
eSimInstallation Error in NgSpice14/01/204521
ScilabUsing function datafit14/01/204351
PythonError message in Spyder313/01/203411
eSimError in grounding the circuit12/01/203961
eSimERROR IN kicadtongspice convertor12/01/204421
ScilabCan't import Matlab libraries11/01/204252
ScilabEquivalent function or procedure to Matlab's analoginput('winsound')08/01/204681
FOSSEE LaptopAdministrator(root) password is not working08/01/203571
ScilabHow else can I optimization this code?08/01/204321
PythonEnrolment for course24/12/194651
PythonWhen will I be able to view the results (scores) of Advkvpython2019 Phase II Qu…18/12/193811
DWSIMError while opening "Open Python Script Editor"06/12/195131
Scilab ToolboxIt came from the same source code as Matlab05/12/194361
ScilabNeed help this matlab function into Scilab [fitobject,gof,output] = fit(x,y,fit…05/12/194651
DWSIMAutomation of compound separator04/12/194741
ScilabCatching data with pc audio card using Scilab and (or) Xcos03/12/194721
eSimError in kicad to ngspice.02/12/194851
PythonHow to download certificate after completion of the self learning python progra…29/11/196511
eSimhow to do AC analysis in eSim27/11/195594
PythonRestricted the input up to 8character24/11/194101
PythonKvadvance Python course23/11/194191
OpenFOAMConvergence problem in steady state simulation of centrifugal fan in openfoam22/11/198911
OpenFOAMWhere to add new field while using dsmcfoam?22/11/196512
ScilabInformation about .sci file18/11/195111
PythonPrerequisite Quiz could not attempted due to technical problem in kv advance co…14/11/194351
RIs it possible to index the data using two variables (while using indexing and …09/11/194721
OsdagDuring instalation found problem with miniconda and PyQt5 module07/11/194571
ScilabIs it possible to input values from Excel directly into scilab?03/11/195492
eSimUnable to add library02/11/195321
eSimMapping components footprints02/11/195462
Affordable-LaptopProblem with the use of earphones31/10/195261
ScilabCan we give a link to Xcos examples from
ScilabHow can I select variables in the Xcos SUPER_f-block mask-editor?29/10/198342
PythonWhen and where will the quiz scores and answer sheets shown...26/10/196631
PythonWhen will I be able to view the results (scores) of kvpython2019 Phase I Quiz …23/10/194571
PythonView score of Python quiz regarding22/10/194581
PythonRegarding the Basics of Python Programming -KV August 201920/10/194521
Affordable-LaptopHDMI not working properly17/10/195033
Scilabhow do I adjust the x y intercept?15/10/195231
ScilabIs there any mathematical package available in SCILAB for Exponential integral …14/10/195131
Scilab-ArduinoWhat do you guys think of SciLab to Ardunio?14/10/195610
DWSIMUsing a custom compound10/10/196162
Scilab-ArduinoWhat i am wanting to do is simple but I just09/10/195730
Scilabhow to get quad encoder in scilab05/10/195561
Scilabplot doesn't work30/09/196411
PythonBasic of python programming kv August 201922/09/196971
eSimConnectors for Astable Multivibrator21/09/195421
ScilabSliding Window21/09/195522
eSimNot able to run this software. Tried installing it many times. Could you please…21/09/195871
eSimFootprint window open but last column will not be displayed21/09/194632
eSimfoot prints appropriate for my selected components21/09/195001
eSimREGARDING OUTPUT21/09/194933
eSimDo the participants of the workshop need to upload the results21/09/194531
eSimAssignment for getting certificate of esim workshop21/09/195081
eSimDifferent between eSim_NPN and BC54721/09/195132
eSimError in python plotting21/09/195092
eSimUnable to shows kicad to ngspice successfully conversion message window21/09/194481
eSimerror message occured while simulation21/09/194971
eSimUnable to get DC analysis21/09/194711
eSimError Message while simulation21/09/194962
eSimThe project does not contain any Kicad netlist file for conversion.21/09/195061
eSimError occured after simulation21/09/194611
eSimhow to search a specific components for a typical circuit design21/09/194591
eSimesim application to electrical engineering21/09/195032
eSimpython version21/09/194601
eSimeSim installation issues20/09/195321
eSimcVpcb takes long time to open or it keeps loading20/09/194351
ScilabPlot a single vector.20/09/194881
eSimElectrical Rule Check20/09/198002
Affordable-LaptopUpdate not installed - not signed?20/09/1950518
eSimi am not able to connect wire to components19/09/194441
Affordable-LaptopHow to disable KDE wallet manager19/09/195591
eSimUnable to create new project file18/09/195841
eSimUnable to perform simulation for astable multivibrator18/09/194611
DWSIMCAPE-OPEN Unit Operations17/09/197362
DWSIMHow to add a Component Splitter17/09/196771
eSimCvPcb error, May be our institute proxy blocking the CvPCb17/09/194641
PythonHow to complete a module in an enrolled course.17/09/194621
Affordable-LaptopForgot laptop password16/09/194362
eSimError in kicad to ngspice15/09/194891
eSimunable to perform simulation14/09/194711
OpenFOAMError: Pcorr goes to nan. (Diverging)12/09/195443
Affordable-LaptopNot able to setup wifi possibly because sudo does not work12/09/194852
Pythonkv pyhthon 201912/09/194561
PythonREGARDING STUDY MATERIAL IN PENDRIVES FOR Basics Of Python Programming - KV Aug…12/09/194831
ScilabRaspberry Pi with Scilab12/09/1911121
eSimnew spoken tutorials on Astable multivibrator are not appearing11/09/195002
Affordable-LaptopBengali and Sanskrit transliteration in Affordable Laptop10/09/194542
Pythonkvpython19 course10/09/194881
eSimhow to select IC55509/09/194482
PythonPROBLEM WITH QUIZ08/09/194501
eSimTo Draw Overlapped Track on PCB06/09/194271
eSimUrgent: Problem Facing during installation of esim in mint-18 linux OS05/09/194513
eSimhow to get the transfer characters of JFET or MOSFET05/09/194352
ScilabLegends for Polar Plot04/09/196942
ScilabTextbook companion project review04/09/195351
eSimfacing a problem to install a esim setup31/08/194731
eSimSoftware crash31/08/195141
OpenFOAMHelp me choose MFEM vs deal_ii29/08/195071
ScilabLoad sqlite Textfile into Matlab.28/08/195361
eSimErrors descriptions and remedies26/08/194821
eSimSource details not appearing25/08/195521
Affordable-LaptopChromecast on Linux23/08/194761
PythonAnimated social contagion graph19/08/195491
Affordable-LaptopRegarding Linux synaptic package manager18/08/195131
eSimhow to find input characteristics of BJT CE config16/08/197044
OpenFOAMChoosing appropriate boundary conditions for turbulent quantities13/08/195501
eSimKi- Ng conversion is not happening and the plot files .V files are not availabl…12/08/194551
eSimInput output characteristics of Common emitter configuration12/08/195171
FOSSEE LaptopFossee Laptop08/08/194750
Scilabproblem loading a .sav06/08/195331
eSimwhile converting kicad to ngspice, it is ap[pearing as "Your schematic contain …06/08/195041
eSimIoT simulation04/08/195051
Scilabfailure of some of the simulations of "demo" in XCOS03/08/198171
Affordable-LaptopIs playing PC game on affordable laptop riskyyy ?????02/08/195001
eSimwhen i submit the hardware assignment it will not attach my file of zip 1182.ra…02/08/195211
eSimit gives python error also while selecting device modeling parameter led libra…02/08/194861
eSimWhen we will start to registration of other faculty for main workshop which wil…02/08/196211
eSimIs it necessary to submit astable multivibrator Gerber file.02/08/195251
eSimWhen assign simulation parameter in kicad to spice conversion and when click on…02/08/195171
eSimHow to submit the coordinator assignment using hardware kit for esim31/07/195932
eSimHow to submit the assignment for esim31/07/195161
Affordable-LaptopRecovry from hung computer30/07/194981
eSimWhat are the steps design pcb for multilayer?29/07/194721
eSimHow to design pcb for multilayer?29/07/194821
eSimError while opening Python plotting editor, so unable to simulate29/07/197101
DWSIMchemicals and thermodynamic28/07/196251
Affordable-Laptopdata processing28/07/194291
eSimRegarding project files present in virtual machine27/07/195261
eSimerror , not able to see source details27/07/195531
eSimconvert kicad to ngspice27/07/195071
eSimnot proper output27/07/195031
eSimError in opening existing project27/07/194691
eSimError which doesnot open my project file.27/07/195151
eSimki-Ng convertion not happening27/07/194931
eSimregarding : Error27/07/195181
eSimdevice modelling tab empty27/07/195391
eSimregrading package27/07/194721
eSimpython plot ouput missing27/07/195211
eSimsimulation output is not getting27/07/195041
eSimsimulation can't complete27/07/195231
eSimComponent values dialog box will not get open27/07/194501
eSimhow to solve error 327/07/195022
eSimRegarding selection of footprints27/07/194641
eSimIn kicadtongspice conversion, source details are not appearing27/07/195161
eSimRegarding Astable Vibrator output27/07/194621
eSimDuring Simulation the below error is showing27/07/194911
eSimerror while simmulation27/07/194541
eSimsir i am unable to simulate please help, getting these errors27/07/194871
eSimunable to simulate the circuit output27/07/194392
eSimIssue with viewing OUT227/07/194751
eSimerror(5) Power Flag27/07/195141
eSimafter placing the power flag27/07/194431
eSimMultiple item C1(unit1)27/07/194031
eSimeSim wkhp 2019 task227/07/194641
eSimConflict problem between pin security.27/07/195301
eSimerror type2 information27/07/194831
eSimfor ERC error27/07/194892
eSimSir what is the assignment need to be submitted in esim after making the connec…27/07/195061
eSimWire connection regd27/07/194481
eSimConnection of Global label connection27/07/194451
eSimcomponent placement27/07/194391
eSimCircuit regd27/07/194551
eSimPlease explain what to do with the hardware I have received27/07/194151
Pythonenrollment for next python course23/07/194511
FOSSEE LaptopHelp to restore external USB hard disk19/07/194330
eSimSchematic contains unknown model16/07/194791
eSimPin Not connected15/07/194911
eSimopenprojectfile() takes only a single file name15/07/195121
OpenFOAMMultiple AMI, decreasing time step.15/07/196101
eSimeSim_devices not showing at the time of schematic...14/07/194801
eSimIssue in eSim Project14/07/195311
eSimlibrary for lm555n in CvPcb window13/07/195121
eSimProject Submission12/07/194802
eSimFoot Print Mapping12/07/194851
eSimNot able to select any footprint12/07/194951
eSimSetting parameters for PCB12/07/194421
eSimError while Simulating12/07/194681
eSimafter reading netlist footprint error occur12/07/194541
eSimschematic of the assignment eSIM not run(RC code:1263)12/07/194421
eSimregarding connection of components RC106312/07/194461
eSimCouldn't able to find out the footprint for v2, v312/07/195001
eSimError while doing schematic Creation11/07/194911
eSimRegarding CvPCB11/07/194541
eSimerror while opening phython plotting editor11/07/194761
eSimPayment process for eSim coordinators workshop 27 july 1910/07/194701
eSimCvPCB does not read Footprints10/07/194801
eSim1182 uploaded successfully for footprint of lm741 i follow the same with 7805 i…10/07/194661
eSimProject File Name10/07/194871
eSimWhen convert kicad to Ng it shows a window of unknown model lm_74109/07/194781
eSimWhile checking electrical rules it gives error at input and output label where …09/07/195462
eSimLm741 this component is not appeared under eSim_Devices so what is a solution …08/07/195241
eSimafter generation of gerber file then save it and when i type ctr+alt+T that win…08/07/194791
eSimeSim Coordinator Workshop Assignment Submission08/07/194912
eSimRegarding eSim Coordinator Workshop Assignment Submission07/07/194751
eSimProblem in Selection of Lm_74107/07/194891
eSimMapping components with footprints and also onwords all video is not playing …06/07/194861
eSimMapping components with footprints this video is not played in spoken tutorial …06/07/194671
eSimRegarding Uploading of Assignment-RC No-148406/07/194871
eSimLM_741 is not available in eSim_Subckt filter05/07/195102
eSimError During Simulation of Circuit in eSim04/07/195041
eSimError During Simulation of Circuit04/07/194641
Affordable-LaptopIssues with Wi-Fi04/07/194933
ScilabImplementasi ImageDataStore funtion In Scilab04/07/195781
eSimInstallation of esim(Python Package issue)03/07/194901
Scilabparticipants are not received online certificate03/07/195541
Affordable-LaptopCould you help us to get affordable Laptops to our college RC ID:147203/07/194952
Affordable-LaptopMy RC NO.1472, We haven't received any LAPTOPS from IIT-B03/07/194561
eSimMy RC NO.147203/07/195291
eSimAssignment is tough and after watching spoken tutorial morethan three times no…02/07/196213
eSimI hope the Assignment 2 is attached instead of assignment 102/07/196153
Affordable-LaptopOperating System01/07/194571
DWSIMNot responding error29/06/196074
OpenFOAMInlet Velocity28/06/196302
DWSIMError while accessing compounds26/06/195711
ScilabLeft shift operaion and combining 3char to form an int value26/06/195961
Pythonunable to download certificate for may course25/06/194931
Affordable-LaptopI want to transfer my data from windows pc to debian laptop24/06/194872
ScilabpyImport -scipython20/06/196341
ScilabProblems with Image on GUI18/06/195951
ScilabRead several csv files18/06/195741
ScilabPerformance between Windows and Linux14/06/196861
Affordable-LaptopAC adapter for the affordable laptop12/06/194541
ScilabScilab to xcos and xcos to scilab communication12/06/196791
ScilabDependency file in scilab10/06/195481
ScilabPlotting problem07/06/195951
ScilabUsing Clear Command in Examples with Dependency Code(s) - TBC Review04/06/195452
eSimSchematic contain unknown model "inv2x"01/06/195702
PythonPython enrollment01/06/195021
DWSIMR.O desalination17/05/196571
DWSIMCustom modeler17/05/196261
eSimWhen trying to convert kicad to ngspice it is showing "your schematic contain u…08/05/196371
ScilabCandycrush code07/05/198721
ScilabScilab/Matlab Problem.05/05/197341
ScilabRegarding Symbolic Tool Box05/05/195871
ScilabRegarding TBC on Scilab04/05/197026
Scilabhow to work on scilab04/05/196382
ScilabHow to use scilab04/05/196031
Scilabregarding data sets04/05/195871
Scilabscilab doubt04/05/196122
ScilabScilab codes and its results will be allowed to quote in publications, if i am …04/05/196151
Scilabhalf wave rectifier model execution problem03/05/198341
DWSIMclassic extractive distillation with 2 simple columns,  with water, ethanol and…29/04/197851
DWSIMNot able to download the codes for Textbook Companion Project24/04/196411
Scilabusing cameras with Scilab and IPCV10/04/196951
PythonHow to keep the proxy setup active till the end of execution10/04/195431
PythonWhere to submit screening task31/03/196441
Pythonunable to attempt quiz631/03/195571
ScilabApplying Filters to signals28/03/199241
DWSIMReaction manager26/03/199281
FOSSEE Laptophow to uninstall debian and install windows 1026/03/195310
Affordable-LaptopThe 1 Tb hard disk is automatically de-mounting25/03/195871
Affordable-LaptopUnable to access update files for off-line update22/03/195491
ScilabMODULUS in XCOS20/03/198181
PythonPython fossee fellowship reexam19/03/196561
eSimunable to use esim_pspice library components18/03/196281
OpenModelicaNot installed on macos16/03/195901
Affordable-LaptopI want to install Linux into my hard disk instead of Flash Drive, How can I do …13/03/195781
DWSIMequillibrium reactor12/03/199312
eSimAbout changing the course09/03/196212
eSimabsence of component in library08/03/196631
PythonSelf Learning Course March/April 201906/03/196292
ScilabHelp a newbie; How to implement an equation?05/03/196681
eSimIC subcircuit cannot found04/03/196561
Osdag2D views- report creation04/03/197261
PythonSelf Workshop02/03/195973
ScilabBuild a Band-pass Butterworth Filter27/02/196921
eSimError while opening python plotting Editor. Please look at console for details24/02/198971
Affordable-LaptopWPS Office installation in Thinbook 131022/02/196593
ScilabCreate Xcos block with string parameter14/02/197651
ScilabHow to plot with 2 vector as horizontal axis.13/02/196802
RWhat after registraion?13/02/199072
eSimCan not run the eSim software in Windows.07/02/197681
OpenFOAMNo creation of processed files even after running.06/02/196641
Affordable-LaptopNot able to hear sound02/02/198393
eSimCan you provide the link for eSim installation for Windows 8?01/02/197131
ScilabExample Naming Convention30/01/197732
RBook proposal category30/01/198331
eSimHow to change the working directory of eSim?30/01/197582
ScilabQuery regarding XCOS Super_f block24/01/198131
Scilabpolar graph : invisible axis17/01/196581
eSimSISO Experiment15/01/197581
Affordable-LaptopAugmenting memory15/01/196311
eSimError in simulating the circuit114/01/197151
eSimError in simulating the circuit11/01/198161
DWSIMIssues related to DWSIM in mac08/01/197991
eSimWhere is eSim windows installer available?08/01/194381
eSimsimulation error07/01/198815
Affordable-LaptopReminna Remote connection in Debian Thinbook and RDP connection from Windows PC05/01/199832
ScilabAbout Xcos project02/01/197761
ScilabBook proposal02/01/197281
Scilab'syms' function29/12/189571
PythonQuiz-6 -- Unable to continue28/12/186821
PythonPractice data structures_exercise_question_826/12/186631
DWSIMupload user define compound23/12/187291
ScilabEquivalent function for heaviside in scilab20/12/1818441
DWSIMDWSIM Wastewater treatment process20/12/189231
ScilabI sent a book proposal some days before . I made mistakes in proposal .I want t…18/12/187551
Affordable-Laptopnetwork connectivity18/12/1836661
Scilab Toolboximage processing functions are not responding18/12/187542
OpenFOAMChoosing exact boundary conditions18/12/188571
ScilabGet state vectors of state space block during simulation17/12/186963
OpenFOAMRegarding Proposal17/12/186931
OpenFOAMQuery regarding heat flux boundary condition in OpenFOAM16/12/186851
Affordable-LaptopUnable to connect laptop with smart tv15/12/187122
Affordable-LaptopMalfunctioning of the laptop15/12/186151
OpenFOAMHeat flux boundary condition in OpenFOAM15/12/1818831
Affordable-Laptopkdenlive app image was working fine - now freeze in timeline, position marker a…10/12/186551
eSimReverse Characteristics of Diode08/12/187801
eSimCurrent source in eSim08/12/187041
Affordable-LaptopVLC MEDIA PLAYER07/12/186131
eSimInstallation of eSim software06/12/188082
Affordable-Laptopmissing qt and wxt terminals from gnuplot 5.2.506/12/1810136
DWSIMProblem with "Valve"05/12/188433
ScilabProcessor in Loop, Hardware in Loop etc.04/12/1810851
DWSIMfind the enthalpy in python script04/12/187501
Affordable-LaptopIssue with offline update 328/11/186761
eSimSoftware download28/11/187991
Affordable-LaptopError occured while updating the System27/11/186971
Affordable-LaptopEven after installing updates 2 and 3 the issue persist26/11/187241
Affordable-LaptopISO file of OS(Debian)26/11/187352
eSimUnable to find esim installer26/11/187001
Affordable-LaptopDisk space (won't let me post unless title is longer than 12 characters, hence …25/11/188441
Affordable-LaptopLED above F3 key24/11/187222
ScilabHow to use the oscilloscope?23/11/187931
DWSIMRigourous Distillation column error with image file21/11/189301
Affordable-LaptopNo LAN Port to the device. How can I use LAN wired connections to this Machine?…21/11/186633
Affordable-Laptopunable todetect sd card15/11/186351
Affordable-LaptopProblem with Voice Record15/11/187001
Affordable-LaptopRegarding Devanagari Typing15/11/186281
Affordable-LaptopProblem with WiFi connection15/11/187902
Affordable-LaptopWEBCAM app: Videos inaccessible15/11/186572
Affordable-LaptopInaccessible Hard disk15/11/185891
Affordable-LaptopBattery Drainage12/11/185721
OpenFOAMBoundary condition at inlet11/11/189072
Affordable-LaptopTo update Windows 10 software version in Linux OS (Thinbook)04/11/188262
Affordable-LaptopCan not play vedio03/11/186531
DWSIMerror in a kinetic reaction01/11/188581
Scilabwave synthesis analysis using laplace transform31/10/188461
Affordable-LaptopAffordable laptop with Hard disk31/10/188713
Affordable-LaptopUBS Port not functioning31/10/187061
Affordable-LaptopNo stereo sound31/10/186312
ScilabMoving average26/10/1816122
Affordable-LaptopSound not working!26/10/186471
Scilabcsim message "Excessive work done on this call"26/10/1810421
ScilabData import from clipboard25/10/18408592
ScilabString Handling in Scilab Xcos V5.5.217/10/188491
ScilabDifferent tasks PLEASE HELP14/10/1846551
eSimpcbnew layout straight to ngspice?08/10/188181
DWSIMerror in LLE ternary graph utility08/10/1810162
Scilabscetoexe not working05/10/188991
eSimNot able to open examples in esim, its showing " The system cannot find the spe…01/10/187831
eSimUnable to proceed with Setup program30/09/186831
OpenFOAMFoam::error::printStack(Foam::Ostream&) at ??:?27/09/1823691
OpenFOAMContinuity error cannot be removed by adjusting the outflow.19/09/1822081
ScilabVoronoi Diagrams17/09/189032
DWSIMdoubt regarding reaction furnace and condenser15/09/188161
Pythonlinspace is not found . i have window 32 bit. plz help me out .15/09/186321
ScilabWhat is algebraic Loop? When it Occurs in Xcos? How to Overcome it?31/08/1822111
ScilabRegarding Scilab commands xcorr29/08/187751
DWSIMError in stichiometry24/08/188543
DWSIMSimulation of process model for n number of data points or observations24/08/187811
DWSIMDevelopment of graphical user interface in Excel24/08/187681
eSimwhile opening the schematic window this error occur?13/08/188551
ScilabSet logarithmic scale in Sgrayplot02/08/188321
DWSIMabout flowsheet submission29/07/189751
PythonThe error27/07/187151
FOSSEE LaptopFOSSEE OS linke is down23/07/187631
DWSIMabout a scrubber design22/07/1811131
DWSIMPipe unit operation14/07/189191
OpenFOAMConvergence in Open Foam Simulation13/07/188181
DWSIMAbout internship's forms05/07/188581
OpenFOAMSalome bentpipe to OpenFOAM02/07/188521
SBHSWhat is Error while running the Python based "run" file ?29/06/187951
PythonRegarding quiz 627/06/187411
Scilaba general forum question25/06/1811781
Scilabfunction return25/06/187755
ScilabSciLab 6.0.1 and Symbolic Toolbox25/06/1815232
DWSIMSimulating a condensor24/06/189101
Scilabtutorial 15 not working23/06/188010
ScilabDouble integration by Scilab21/06/1811301
DWSIMPython Documentation For DWSIM21/06/1811231
ScilabFFT processing block in XCOS21/06/1816521
DWSIMBubble Column Reactor Substitute20/06/188841
ScilabGet all the file name of a directory in a list19/06/187811
Scilabdebugger acting screwy19/06/187440
ScilabI am finding it difficult to interpret this graph18/06/187950
Scilabmore debugger questions18/06/188051
ScilabTemperature Distribution in a Square17/06/188311
Scilabprint Question17/06/187371
ScilabGaussian Elimination Tutorial again17/06/187500
Scilabposting question from the tutorial link doesn't work17/06/188391
Scilabdebugging a tutorial example17/06/1812882
Scilabplotting a deff16/06/186931
Scilabhow to check if a random process in wss in scilab16/06/187521
Scilabdebugging SciLab examples15/06/188171
Scilabdeveloping in SciLab15/06/187181
ScilabGaussian Elimination Tutorial14/06/1813680
Scilabscilab posting question14/06/188351
Scilabspoken_tutorial site11/06/187681
ScilabMAC, can´t write to a file10/06/188401
eSimquestion and answer list out of date?07/06/187121
ScilabScilab - Ballistic problem05/06/188270
eSimwhen I download eSim installer for windows Norton secrity rejects it04/06/187631
DWSIMCompound not available01/06/189021
DWSIMhelp about vinyl chloride28/05/187721
DWSIMCrude Desalter Simulator27/05/188491
DWSIMseparator column in compound separater26/05/187731
DWSIMfixing the output data for a given problem26/05/187341
Scilab ToolboxChecking stationarity of a random process26/05/186991
ScilabUnable to install FOSSEE Optimisation toolbox25/05/189381
ScilabHow to find inverse laplace transform in scilab24/05/1820441
PythonError in print statement22/05/186351
Scilabscale of axes22/05/187881
DWSIMConversion reactor22/05/188724
DWSIMUNIQUAC package with default flash doesnot converge.18/05/188623
OpenFOAMUsing multiInteraction type patchInteractionModel16/05/189261
eSimlooking for a VCO component15/05/187121
ScilabHelp Scilab Isosurfaces03/05/187311
ScilabIsosurfaces Scilab03/05/188641
ScilabIsosurfaces - Help Scilab03/05/188441
ScilabHow to do range filter of image??02/05/188201
ScilabHow do I retrieve a file from scilab that seems like it has been deleted?28/04/187621
ScilabError installing symbolic toolbox25/04/189241
DWSIMBrine evaporation in DWSIM21/04/188331
PythonRegarding review of given question18/04/186981
Scilabvery poor .pdf file11/04/187523
Scilabcompile and run is screwed up11/04/188002
eSimproblem with the analysis tab06/04/187861
ScilabMux/Demux vs Bus 205/04/187951
ScilabMux/Demux vs Bus05/04/189831
Pythonregarding task submision04/04/187592
DWSIMRegarding adding compuonds in DWSIM04/04/1817201
DWSIMAbout unit operations in DWSIM03/04/189291
OsdagOSDAG installation problem02/04/188601
Pythonhow to download certficate31/03/187971
eSimYour schematic contain unknown model lm317at31/03/189541
Pythoncan miss any quiz generate problem in issue the certificate30/03/186871
ScilabCPGE MODULE Bode parms30/03/189361
Pythoncan't attempt the quiz 530/03/187121
Pythoncan't attempt the quiz 630/03/186801
eSimError while plotting python plot editor. How do i rectify it?29/03/188391
eSimAbout Kicad library29/03/188191
Pythonmistakenly opened the quiz 129/03/187401
PythonQuize3 ragarding assignment submission #28/03/186751
eSimkey error in source28/03/188321
Osdagosdag is not opening27/03/188471
OsdagError while installation26/03/188231
PythonError in downloading certicate25/03/187361
eSimHow to load components library24/03/188451
eSimError while opening python plotting Editor. Please look at console for more det…23/03/189232
Scilabhow to identify exe file in Scilab23/03/188192
Scilab ToolboxOctave Interface Toolbox not installing (FOSSEE 2018 Fellowship)23/03/186861
eSimShows that schematic contains unknown model23/03/188321
Osdagexample.osi file not opening22/03/188211
OsdagLAUNCHING OSDAG22/03/1810102
eSimERROR: Your schematic contain unknown model jfet_n_pspice22/03/188712
DWSIMCATALYST is not present22/03/189512
eSimabout coding21/03/187771
eSimWhy esim software is closing after few seconds after installing it20/03/188301
OsdagThis is a Test Question for OSDAG19/03/188341
PythonDoes The yaksh course BPPY is availble Through out the year?19/03/1810591
eSimerror while opening python plotting editor19/03/1810341
ScilabScilab 2C toolbox19/03/188831
eSimComponents missing in " Choose Component "19/03/188071
Scilabwhat is this toolbox18/03/187521
Scilabwindows version of scimax18/03/189031
Scilabcompiling from scilab18/03/189092
eSimUnable to load all the components in the respective libraries18/03/187681
Python'linspace' not defined in canopy editor17/03/1820661
Scilab ToolboxError while installing ocatave interface toolbox, required for DSP toolbox17/03/187311
eSimUnable to create a project17/03/1810591
eSimError in project creation17/03/188741
eSimerror while opening a schematic16/03/188281
eSimesim source i am not able to access16/03/188551
eSimerror with source detail16/03/188201
Pythoni have a list assume 10 data in the list. If i want to remove number 3 to 8 dat…16/03/186861
Scilabcall_scilab help file questions16/03/188150
Osdagosdag software not opening15/03/1811671
ScilabDesign of fir filters using windowing technique14/03/189190
PythonWhere can I find the data files and images required for the course?13/03/189191
eSimua741 pin details13/03/188012
eSimAll the components are not downloaded.12/03/188051
PythonWhere can i found Python course?12/03/187182
eSimerror: dos not contain any kicad netlist file for conversion12/03/189371
Scilabscilab and linux11/03/189231
Pythonimport error11/03/186801
Scilab Toolboxlinux and Scilab10/03/187791
PythonInterface to submit questions.09/03/189061
ScilabScilab Symbolic Toolbox09/03/1825502
Scilabatoms toolbox and syms08/03/189290
OpenFOAMWhy Initial residual is not equal to the final residual obtained from the previ…07/03/1812511
eSimcannot open project07/03/1810453
eSimissue regarding number of ports05/03/188031
ScilabConvolutional Neural Network05/03/1810891
Scilabis the cloud working05/03/188131
Scilabevans code example not working05/03/1810141
eSimPython plotting missing04/03/188531
Scilabwhat is syms and how does it affect the code04/03/1830632
Scilabsgrid from definition example03/03/187951
eSimNot able to start up the schematics.03/03/188381
Scilabrerunning cloud code03/03/188221
Scilaba warning message03/03/189861
Scilabimporting .sce file03/03/1811382
eSimCannot find 'eSim_' files in the components library02/03/188011
Scilabwhy do we plot digital filter spectrum on 0 - 0.5 only02/03/188241
Scilabxgrid() is a no show02/03/188352
Scilabcopying code doesn't wotk01/03/188552
ScilabConvolutional Neural Network using the Caffe model01/03/189350
eSimsimulation problem in cmos inverter01/03/188422
eSimCan't seem to create a new project01/03/189582
Scilabcsim coding question01/03/187981
Scilabcloud book examples not working28/02/189471
Scilabroot locus code from scilab book28/02/1817272
Pythoncanopy not available28/02/186561
Scilabroot locus problem28/02/188604
Scilabroot locus example problem28/02/187961
Scilabevans example problem28/02/187861
Scilabevans example problem28/02/187871
Scilabevans example problem28/02/187921
DWSIMDehydration Plant Simulation27/02/187952
ScilabReview duration27/02/187721
eSimSquare wave in eSim27/02/188302
Scilabmatrix operator24/02/188454
eSimNon available componant24/02/187391
Scilabcode syntax question from example code23/02/188192
ScilabAlternate instruction in scilab for filtic in matlab23/02/1811131
Scilabcode syntax question22/02/188062
ScilabMatlab equivalent21/02/1810163
eSimUNKNOWN MODEL-lm555n20/02/188291
DWSIMDehydration Plant19/02/188911
ScilabCan anyone help me figure out how to work with microdaq16/02/189041
eSimtransient analysis16/02/189282
Scilabsetup GUI home page16/02/188142
Scilab ToolboxFOSSEE optimization toolbox does not load under Scilab 5.5.2/Windows 712/02/187642
Scilab-Arduinonot able to open the icon10/02/188362
Scilabregarding XCOS10/02/188092
eSimPython plot error-reg05/02/189512
eSimWaveform generation05/02/188431
eSimvcc supply-reg04/02/188321
DWSIMProble with opening DWSIM file into software02/02/1810701
eSimno python plot26/01/188301
DWSIMKinetic reaction21/01/189191
eSimcommand not found14/01/189841
DWSIMRigorous Distillation12/01/1811371
DWSIMPFR step size error11/01/188781
eSimhow to open a new project?10/01/189551
eSimPython Plot error07/01/189491
ScilabWorking with scilab (DSP Lab) and Texas instruments dsp processor05/01/1815602
eSimWhat exactly eSim is?04/01/188092
DWSIMDisplaying reaction results31/12/178311
eSimHow to give inputs to the IC's28/12/179401
eSimHow to set a Path?27/12/178612
eSimHow to work with This Software in Laptop?27/12/178253
ScilabProblem with visualisatioin of output of chebyshev type one filter.24/12/179931
DWSIMcan you suggest me the solution for the error I'm getting while designing metha…22/12/179411
Scilabinput function is behaving in a inconsist function20/12/1719171
eSimunable to give title of the project.20/12/178422
ScilabProblem with input command in scilab for reading mulitiple data20/12/178211
Scilab2d graph. Powers of a variable.16/12/178901
ScilabProblem with design of iir lpf filter.15/12/178741
eSimpython plotting error and global label error15/12/1710831
eSimesim installation problem13/12/1717328
eSimgraphical error12/12/178162
eSimunable to use eSim sources09/12/1710382
ScilabProblem in visualistion of the output09/12/178801
ScilabProblem installing Scilab 6.0 on ubuntu 16.04 LTS06/12/1710211
ScilabSteps to install scimax toolbox on Scilab06/12/1710301
eSimconversion error, unknown component02/12/179613
ScilabFIR Filter design01/12/178641
ScilabProblem finding the DFT of the sequence as the length of sequence increases30/11/1724631
OpenFOAMLooking for Solver for Three Phase Heat Transfer with phase change for Cryogeni…29/11/179771
ScilabN point FFT calculation28/11/178901
OpenFOAMResource persons for OPENFOAM Software.22/11/179291
eSimProblem in opening the schematic window after double clicking the esim icon.15/11/1710554
Scilabproblem matrix dimension13/11/178791
ScilabThe Weierstrass-Mandelbrot curve12/11/179621
eSimsteps to do after getting an approved mail11/11/178041
eSimerror while using thyristor.09/11/179392
eSimCircuit Rules check error in Gnd07/11/178531
eSimfinding input signal06/11/178991
eSimerror in ERC06/11/179407
ScilabWeiner kinchin relation code06/11/1710361
eSim'plot_data_i.txt' and 'plot_data_v.txt' files cannot be created. why is this ha…04/11/1710043
eSimerror while simulating the schematic.02/11/179392
DWSIMDWSIM for membrane separation30/10/1714741
OpenModelicaModelling a Spark Plug for simulation project.30/10/179041
eSimabstract submission28/10/178951
eSimlast date for circuit simulation23/10/179021
eSimComponents not Available20/10/179021
eSimhow to simulate 555 timer based astable multivibrator with esim?19/10/1712352
eSimLaunching esim on my pc.18/10/178115
eSimproiect name error18/10/178831
Scilab ToolboxA Missing Block (OTA) in Xcos tool box16/10/177701
Scilab ToolboxIs a PHARMACY background STUDENT can develop a TCB13/10/177121
PythonIs a computer background student can develop a TCB13/10/178631
eSimproposal form11/10/179411
eSimwhere can i find a 3-phase ac source.10/10/178811
eSimProposal Form for circuit simulation project.09/10/1715261
DWSIMDownloading the Tutorials03/10/1710371
DWSIMIssue in DWSIM Software Installation02/10/1710841
ScilabGlitch in Scilab version 617/09/179751
DWSIMThree phase open-source library13/09/179491
DWSIMThree phase library open-source13/09/1710001
DWSIMcan we use DWSIM for simulutions for a spray or rotay drier systems07/09/1711631
OpenFOAMdiffusivity directional variables30/08/1711131
ScilabStand alone exe. from Scilab 6.0.024/08/1711391
Scilab ToolboxInstallation problem19/08/178411
ScilabInverted graph19/08/179061
Pythonunable to install canopy18/08/179051
ScilabCommands: syms, laplace, ilaplace15/08/1729441
DWSIMinternship details14/08/179341
OpenFOAMchange of volume inside pipe11/08/1710363
Scilabinput problem11/08/1718801
DWSIMRegarding Submission of flow sheet and its deadline.07/08/179781
eSimhai friends caan any one resolve the problem attached in images?05/08/178891
ScilabIncorrect polynomial operations?04/08/179401
ScilabCan't convert old diagram (problem in version) while using To Workspace (xcos)02/08/179851
OpenFOAMOpenFOAM Issue with Porous Media and Buoyancy02/08/1775591
Scilab Toolboxexample problem required for understanding.31/07/178851
DWSIMAssigning operating pressure for distillation column27/07/1711061
ScilabParticleLabeling with IPCV toolbox command imlabel26/07/179981
ScilabQuery regarding submission of code20/07/179161
ScilabIs it possible convert a PSPICE code to scilab code?17/07/1710141
OpenFOAMvertical loading in interfoam11/07/179941
OpenFOAMConvergence while using icoFoam06/07/1711311
eSimUnable to load footprints while opening CvPcb05/07/1713442
eSimUnable to map footprints04/07/179572
OpenFOAMSimulation Of Flow over cylinder with forward splitter plate03/07/1710041
ScilabImage in GUI03/07/1710501
ScilabLab Migration Proposal19/06/179511
ScilabProblem with xls_link Scilab tool16/06/179911
eSimCan't install eSim 1.1.2 on Ubuntu 1612/06/1710193
OpenFOAMOpenFOAM-1.6.x Installation Error07/06/1710581
Scilab not working06/06/1711922
ScilabDubugging in Scilab06/06/1710292
SBHSError while running program01/06/1710201
ScilabImage processing performance31/05/1710302
Pythonhow to join the course27/05/179341
Scilab ToolboxBlob Detection and Analysis22/05/179052
ScilabScilab problem22/05/179871
ScilabScilab task problem22/05/179941
ScilabNeed help with scilab task21/05/179821
eSimeSim ibraries missing20/05/178871
OpenFOAMDynamic Moving Mesh20/05/179891
OpenFOAMHow to Create Baffles in Geometry17/05/1728071
Scilabscilab version 6 related problem17/05/1710561
eSimPassing option to ngspice15/05/179422
DWSIMstep size becomes too small error in plug flow reactor14/05/1711761
DWSIMdouble clicking not opening main editing window12/05/179941
Scilab"Abort" command in Scilab 6.0.008/05/1718422
Scilabimage processing error in scilab05/05/1710062
ScilabSample source file in book proposal form05/05/179371
ScilabError while opening scilab.03/05/1716031
Scilabproblem with the opening environment window.01/05/1711172
DWSIMMulti component Distillation25/04/1714011
OpenFOAMHow to create a internal gate?25/04/1713811
OpenFOAMCannot find flow at bottom surface_slump test25/04/1710704
OpenFOAMplotting at a definite point14/04/1711391
OpenFOAMgetting time-average flow fields within certain time interval09/04/1717511
ScilabQuestion for plotting 2D05/04/1734013
OpenFOAMplotting skin friction coefficient03/04/1723241
OpenFOAMlaminar separation bubble02/04/179391
OpenFOAMSnappyHexMesh Tutorial01/04/1714081
Scilabxcos - rfile_f - input format31/03/1715991
ScilabHow to define variable for a matrix?29/03/1710191
OpenFOAMpressure plot in paraFoam27/03/1719831
eSimError trying to create schematic (Ubuntu running under Win10)24/03/1725926
eSimngspice not running in eSim22/03/1710584
eSimWarning at starting eSim and error at calling ngspice21/03/1710071
DWSIMUnbalanced equation19/03/1710692
Scilabscilab simulation error 21; Invalid index.18/03/1741361
Scilabsimulation problem17/03/1710631
OpenFOAMpost-processing in paraview10/03/1714881
DWSIMDWSIM components08/03/1712732
OpenFOAMHow to find/call each individual cell in a computational domain08/03/1729243
ScilabSimulation of pipe flow01/03/1710561
Scilab ToolboxImage read and display problem24/02/1713741
eSimQuery Related Esim24/02/179491
FOSSEE LaptopTest Question23/02/178441
ScilabVelocity profile16/02/179291
Scilab Toolboxplease specify the complete detailed instruction of installing scilab symbolic …10/02/179671
Scilab2D Lookup Table: How to do it??07/02/1714992
ScilabCompile call_scilab in c++ using Eclipse IDE Helios Service Release 204/02/1711751
Scilabscilab cloud03/02/1711853
SBHSMachine ID 603/02/179781
ScilabQUESTION IS x(t)=exp(a*t) while a>126/01/1712041
OpenFOAMmultiPhaseEulerFoam case running issue..17/01/1714561
OpenFOAMBasic queries regarding cad, mesh and sim16/01/1710782
ScilabXcos Block Wizard16/01/1713081
ScilabHow to load file .dat with true variable name07/01/1724943
Scilabusage of scilab30/12/1613851
DWSIMSIMULATION inquiry29/12/1610842
Scilabplot crashes using scf under Xubuntu28/12/1610251
ScilabsciFLT toolbox - Unable to load block from...25/12/1614691
ScilabXcos: an equivalent simulink palette01/12/1612191
eSimnot getting frequency response26/11/169921
eSimnot fetting correct result24/11/169701
OpenFOAMpost-processing problem23/11/1613711
eSimNor getting coorrect output for a clamper circuit23/11/1611281
ScilabIPD BlobStatistics22/11/1610241
ScilabHow to install E4coder in Scilab22/11/1611021
ScilabAdding a non-numerical header for a text file of numerical column values in Sci…21/11/1612971
ScilabCombining two text files to one in Scilab21/11/1611981
OpenFOAMproblem in results21/11/1611032
ScilabfscanfMat in GUI (PushButton)18/11/1611192
ScilabfscanfMat via PushButton?18/11/1610691
eSimNot getting the correct Python plot18/11/1610851
Scilabmaking a circle looking like a circle16/11/1623892
ScilabHelp required in running a C program in scilab16/11/1617206
eSimeSim on BOSS Linux (anoop)14/11/1610221
ScilabPlotting coordinates11/11/1610311
ScilabRandom binary sequence generator10/11/1612811
ScilabImplementing Matlab function in scilab10/11/1611351
ScilabBitBucket Repo09/11/169811
ScilabCACSD toolbox install06/11/1610871
OpenFOAMopenfoam to firefoam throuh paraview?01/11/1616733
OpenFOAMNo vortex shedding31/10/1611321
ScilabHow to install scilab communication toolbox for Scilab 5.5.129/10/1611851
ScilabHow to draw gear profile.26/10/1611231
OpenFOAMparaview tools21/10/1612011
OpenFOAMerror while running a solver13/10/1657271
eSimSimulation not working. Error while opening phyton plotting editor29/09/1610851
eSimSimulation not working29/09/1610391
OpenFOAMboundary condition26/09/1610471
OpenFOAMplotting the residuals23/08/1622651
eSimdc analysis reg18/08/169861
OpenFOAMplotting in paraview16/08/1610992
eSimRun setup08/08/1617941
eSimDC Analysis _reg04/08/1612862
OpenFOAMco-efficient of drag and lift03/08/1612964
Scilabsivp TOOLBOX22/07/1617776
eSimerror while opening python plotting error21/07/1612811
Scilabunable to install SIVP20/07/1614331
eSimUnable to install eSim on Ubuntu19/07/1613151
eSimInjecting noise16/07/1612861
eSimexecution error reg13/07/1612031
ScilabScimax - Scilab Symbolic Toolbox12/07/1625104
eSimExecution reg11/07/1612323
eSimregarding Lab migration project09/07/1611801
ScilabScilab Xcos06/07/1622211
ScilabScilab 5.5.2 - Xcos06/07/1642275
eSimpython plotting window does not open up (On latest build of eSim)26/06/1614353
eSiminstallation reg24/06/1612961
OpenFOAMblockmeshdict file23/06/1612901
ScilabSCILAB certification22/06/1615001
ScilabSCILAB code for lotka voltera model19/06/1614111
ScilabNumerical Linearization (CACSD tool)15/06/1613783
OpenFOAMWriting blockMeshDict file14/06/1613121
eSimeSim not working in windows 1006/06/1613751
eSimundetaking form31/05/1611931
eSimesim training on skype31/05/1612021
DWSIMNew Compound Creator Study26/05/1624881
OpenFOAMobject inspector menu in paraview25/05/1615141
ScilabAnswer format in scilab16/05/1620461
OpenFOAMSimulation of Euler-lagrangian bubble using OpenFOAM11/05/1619882
eSimProblem in getting started with eSim06/05/1614452
ScilabError in graphic plot03/05/1614901
DWSIMHow to install and run DWSIM on MAC AIR?25/04/1616932
ScilabDebug a function plot25/04/1628624
OpenFOAMHow to plot a graph in Open foam24/04/1622121
eSimproblem in creating project23/04/1613701
DWSIMCreating component hypothetically22/04/1635432
ScilabReading a wav file21/04/1615212
eSimscilab contourf plot axis scaling06/04/1613971
Scilabscilab plot contourf31/03/1616183
eSimincorect ac simulaton29/03/1612641
eSimeSim Eeschema Diode component problem.24/03/1615011
eSimunable to simulate dc power supply23/03/1612641
eSimImpossibilité de créer un subcircuit.22/03/1613191
eSimImpossibilité de créer un subcircuit.22/03/1612493
OpenFOAMError in Turbulence Solver18/03/1669546
eSimEnable to find AC voltage source15/03/1628882
Scilabplot sin(x)/x14/03/1618072
OpenFOAMSimulation error (delta T is decreasing while the iterations are being carried …13/03/1660335
FOSSEE LaptopCost and postal charge11/03/1614811
eSimInstallation error10/03/1618961
Scilabsurf color with OS X06/03/1613743
eSimTesting Forum Reply01/03/16141411
eSimUnable to get details of source01/03/1614745
ScilabVehicle Count27/02/1617241
DWSIMEquilibrium reactor simulation26/02/1646612
eSimRegarding footprint25/02/1612583
Scilabreading dcm images - error16/02/1616671
Scilabmpi in scilab14/02/1614421
FOSSEE LaptopHindi Typing Layout13/02/1610862
FOSSEE LaptopKiwix - Offline Wikipedia11/02/1610361
DWSIMTextbook companion project10/02/1614262
Python"syms" not taking help!09/02/1611841
eSimUnable to run the simulation09/02/1614494
eSimError while opening python plotting Editor.05/02/1615204
FOSSEE Laptopfeatures of laptop29/01/1611672
eSimlab migration programe29/01/1613001
ScilabFlood fill Operation in Scilab20/01/1621401
eSimunable to install e sim on linux18/01/1613251
eSimunable to install e sim on linux18/01/1614101
eSimGetting errors when simulating the basic logic gates18/01/1613601
eSimSimulation of basic logic gates18/01/1612971
eSimSimulation of basic logic gates18/01/1619723
eSimError while openinf python plotting Editor18/01/1614092
FOSSEE Laptopaudio-video recorded by kazam14/01/169592
eSimabout istallation on ubuntu11/01/1612991
ScilabHow to make and display calculation Table using scilab.11/01/1643631
FOSSEE Laptopoffline wikipedia09/01/169861
ScilabSolution provided in book is wrong06/01/1615291
ScilabShould answer in book exactly match the one from your code.05/01/1615002
DWSIMConversion of Reaction04/01/1618071
FOSSEE LaptopHow can I get Fossee Laptop01/01/1610051
DWSIMUnavailability of compounds in Database24/12/1521582
ScilabWavelet transform in scilab12/12/1527912
eSimRight pane of footprint editor is empty25/11/1514441
eSimI am unable to Install eSim software.25/11/1515001
eSimRegarding IN/OUT pin configuration06/11/1514252
eSimunable to add LM741 subcircuit04/11/1515622
eSimConduction of workshop regarding31/10/1512691
eSimunable to open esim source to place sine wave25/10/1513622
eSimEsim Not supported in Windows10-Reg24/10/1514071
eSimunable to create project24/10/1521092
eSimHow to plot voltage Vs current through a diode (Diode chara.)23/10/1519454
eSimProblem regarding current direction.21/10/1512601
eSimhow to measure resistance21/10/1512201
DWSIMTransient simulations and Stream wise report21/10/1517681
eSimMeasurement of resistance in eSim.18/10/1511781
eSimTo measure and plot the branch current.16/10/1513281
eSimInstallation with Windows15/10/1514952
FOSSEE Laptopbrightness decreases after 10-15 seconds15/10/1510261
eSimError while opening python plotting editor.14/10/1514162
eSimyour schematic contains an unknown component vplot8_126/09/1518211
eSimYour schematic contain unknown model tl07222/09/1514941
eSimWIndows installation22/09/1516943
FOSSEE Laptopmouse pad and LAN20/09/1510031
FOSSEE Laptopunable to download flash player15/09/1510611
FOSSEE Laptopmouse pad + keybord14/09/159701
FOSSEE Laptopregarding password14/09/159901
SandhiWhile creating up counter block in python getting following erros at cmake08/09/1512721
SandhiWhile generating up counter block getting following error at cmake08/09/1511041
Sandhisandhi installation error03/09/1511331
Sandhi"Sandhi" installation03/09/1511191
OpenFOAMcharger making sparking like noise31/08/1513161
SandhiError Message31/08/1511672
FOSSEE Laptopkeyboard26/08/1511231
FOSSEE LaptopHotspot25/08/1510662
SandhiWay to create block in Python24/08/1514971
FOSSEE LaptopInternet not working through lan cable23/08/1510512
FOSSEE Laptopcamera23/08/1510041
SandhiBy default it is taking C++ language.Why not asking for language?13/08/1511371
Sandhiwhile running make command I am getting following error06/08/1511600
Scilab-ArduinoError while executing exec loader.sce05/08/1516672
Scilab-Arduinocommunication over ethernet instead of usb05/08/1512151
Scilab-ArduinoWhich macros is being used? .sci or .bin!!!05/08/1510212
Scilab-Arduinomodification in firmware for pwm freq setup05/08/1512361
SandhiWhile developing source block in sandhi getting errors:05/08/1511700
Scilab-ArduinoCost of Arduino board with shield04/08/1511422
SandhiI want to implement same block as constatnt block28/07/1511802
Scilab-ArduinoUnable to upload program with Scilab Arduino Toolbox26/07/1517016
SandhiI want to change number of input23/07/1511821
Sandhii have module named as D into that block sub. Now i am going to create another …23/07/1513131
FOSSEE Laptophow to enter bios setup16/07/1511291
SandhiPorting Sandhi program on website16/07/1511800
FOSSEE LaptopNot able to install Flash Plugin in Firefox on FOSSEE15/07/1510871
SandhiScilab code to Sandhi block13/07/1512773
FOSSEE Laptopprinter06/05/1515126
PythonCheck if a file exists using Python27/03/1514655
FOSSEE LaptopDamped audio through speakers and headphone26/03/1511981