HP Envy 13 or ASUS Zenbook 13?

I’m planning to use the laptop mostly for web browsing, video watching, casual coding, photo editing, might want to start video editing but not extensive, and slight casual gaming mostly for FPS games only to play with friends Scrabble Word Finder (ie Fortnite, APEX, CS, DotA) since I already have a PS4 for more intense gaming ( FPS for console is not my kinda thing ).

I’m considering the Ryzen5 model because of the touchscreen and 360 flip feature, I plan to use it as a song sheet when I’m performing on stage as I am currently Solitaire my girlfriends iPad but didn’t want to spend too much dough on my own tablet. Speed Test However Ryzen5 is new territory for me, so I am not too sure how good it is compared to an i5 processor.

Price difference between the Ryzen model and the i5 model is about RM1k? ( I’m guessing with the exchange rate, it’s around $300? Ryzen is the cheaper one)

So I would appreciate any insights on the these 3 laptops and advices on which one I should purchase. Should I stick to an i5 processor and just forgo the touchscreen feature (it’s not a hard constraint more of a nice to have convenient to use thing) or go with the Ryzen5?

Affordable-Laptop 31-03-19, 6:58 p.m. Vindieselwalker


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