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I'm B.E. chemical engineering student and my BE project is based on Manufacturing of ethylbenzene by improved monsanto process.

There are four reactions ;

ethylene + benzene => ethyl benzene

ethylbenzene + ethylene => di ethylbenzene

diethylbenzene + benzene => 2ethylbenzene

toluene + 2ethlyene => ethylbenzene + propylene

Question : for heterogenous catalytic reaction, what would be the reaction rate? what would come in place of numerator and denominator?

DWSIM 26-03-19, 10 p.m. Aybiee

If you want to know how to add the Heterogeneous catalytic reaction then Rn= reactant concentration in your reaction equation DWSIM and Pn=product concentration in your reaction equation in DWSIM (n = number or compound left to right)

now consider the following reaction, i try to give a demonstration of this reaction rate in other image

i just rearrange above equation so numerator and denominator will clear for this reaction

rdehy = kdehy*(P2MeOH*Kdehy - PDME*PH2O)/(PMeOH*Kdehy)

here R1 = CH3OH, P1=CH3OCH3,P2=HOH

27-03-19, 11:30 p.m. mehul09

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