2D views- report creation


How can I incorporate 2D views in osdag report?

(My laptop is windows 10 ). Usually when I create the report the view part remains blank. Is there any solution for this problem?

Osdag 04-03-19, 2:39 a.m. nandanam1

Dear Osdag user,

2D views are automatically incorporated into the design report by Osdag, only for 'safe' designs.

Please check if your design is Safe or Unsafe.

Additionally, you can run the following check(s):

  1. Check if you have installed Osdag correctly.
  2. Check if you are selecting the proper directory for saving your design report (the directory you choose should have a folder named images_html,which is created automatically).
  3. Check if you have deleted or moved the images_htmlfolder. If this folder is not present in your directory then the 2D views will not compile into the design report.
  4. Try to create a design report for a different sample design. Check if the design report contains all the 2D views.
    • If the design report contains the 2D views, then all the packages are correctly installed. In this case, kindly email the .iso file of the design example to contact-osdag[at]fossee[dot]in with an appropriate subject to the email.

Thank you!

05-03-19, 12:52 p.m. Osdag-admin

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