Equilibrium reactor simulation

I am not able to simulate a reactor (neither by equilibrium reactor nor Gibb's reactor). Can we have an example for simulating reactor using DWSIM in spoken tutorial?

Thank you!

DWSIM 26-02-16, 9:10 p.m. Parul_sahu2

Tips to use Equilibrium\r\nreactor 


1. In the flow sheet panel, drag and use the\r\n"Equilibrium reactor" from the object palette


2. "Equilibrium reactor" requires one inlet\r\nmaterial stream, two outlet material stream (one for liquid and one for vapour)\r\nand one energy stream to be connected to it


3. Use "Reaction manager" under\r\n"Tools" to create "Chemical reactions" and "Reaction\r\nset". For example, water gas shift reaction is illustrated. Give stoichiometric coefficients and also choose base component. Enable calculation of equilibrium constant from Gibbs energy of the reaction. 

4. The equilibrium reactor can be simulated at three different modes - Isothermal (temperature fixed at inlet stream value), adiabatic or with a temperature (as that of outlet stream). In the present example, isothermal mode if choosen.

5. Once all specifications are iven, activate and run ("recalculate") the simulation 

The DWSIM simulation illustrating equilibrium reactor with WGS reaction can be found at the following link 

I hope with this tips, you are able to successfully build and develop equilibrium reactor

01-03-16, 1:28 a.m. prnaren


In DWSIM, each reactor type has its corresponding reaction type. Equilibrium reactors work with equilibrium reactions. Equilibrium reactors solve the chemical equilibrium by using the reaction extent approach. Gibbs reactors can work with equilibrium reactions or without any reaction information (gibbs minimization mode). In this case, it will respect the element mass balance and try to find a state where the gibbs free energy will be at a minimum. This approach works only for single, vapor phase systems.

16-05-16, 7:48 p.m. DanWBR

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