Choosing exact boundary conditions

Hi Foamers,

I am trying to reproduce a simple result by buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam solver (OpenFoam 3.1.1 version). I have already set the simulation but not sure whether the set up is 100% correct or not. The description of the problem is attached here. This is basically a laminar case. I took geometry according to this paper. I think the difficulty is in choosing boundary conditions. I have chosen my boundary conditions according to the attached problem is as follows,


Hot wall – fixedValue, uniform (0 0 0)
Top and Bottom wall - fixedValue, uniform (0 0 0)
Open boundary – zeroGradient
Default faces-empty

Hot wall – fixedValue, uniform 333
Top and Bottom wall - zeroGradient
Open boundary – inletOutlet, Inletvalue - uniform 289, value- 289
Default faces-empty

Hot wall – fixedFluxPressure, rho-rhok, uniform 0
Top and Bottom wall- fixedFluxPressure, rho-rhok, uniform 0
Open boundary – fixedValue, uniform 0
Default faces-empty

Hot wall – Calculated (0)
Top and Bottom wall - Calculated (0)
Open boundary – Calculated (0)
Default faces-empty

I have got some result but it is not similar to that related problem.

Can anyone tell what is the mistake that I choose in my boundary conditions based on the OpenFOAM solvers?

OpenFOAM 18-12-18, 10:01 a.m. razon131211


Your problem description states temperature of 1K.any reasons to specify 333 K at hotwall side and 289 K at outlet.

Other than that, the setup seems to be fine.

23-12-18, 1:28 p.m. sathish

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