Unable to connect laptop with smart tv

I am unable to play a video in the smart tv (Sony Model: KLV 32W622F) from the laptop through (a mini hdmi to) hdmi cable. Please provide necessary instructions to play video in the tv.



Affordable-Laptop 15-12-18, 9:39 p.m. SadasivamM

Please try the following to connect your laptop with the smart TV:

  1. Turn ON the laptop and login to the desktop
  2. Turn ON the TV and select the correct HDMI input
  3. Connect the HDMI cable from TV to laptop
  4. In most cases, your TV should automatically display the desktop and you're ready to go
  5. If not, click on the start menu and search for "displays" -> open displays -> reconnect HDMI cable and select "unify outputs" to mirror your display
  6. You can also change the settings to make the TV a secondary display

You may now play the video to view it on the TV.

One can also connect this laptop to VGA projector/monitor by using HDMI to VGA converters.

15-12-18, 11:40 p.m. Srikant
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your immediate kind response even during late night! Following your instruction, I am able to connect the laptop to the tv via hdmi cable to play video and ppt.

16-12-18, 1:23 a.m. SadasivamM
Thank you for confirming. I'm happy it worked for you. 

16-12-18, 8:33 a.m. Srikant

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Also, if one finds a trailing cursor issue while connecting projector/HDMI then simply change the following setting:

  1. Settings -> Display and monitor -> Compositor -> Render backend - *Xrender*

The settings window may look like this:

05-01-19, 11:16 a.m. Srikant

I just can't seem to connect my laptop to the smart TV even after I read all the steps. Some iptv uk reviews suggested some other methods, but they too don't work. I just feel so helpless, I really want to watch it on my TV.
17-10-21, 12:54 p.m. CordovaKaufman

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