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Hello everyone,

The laptop is listed as having 32 GB disk space. However, I installed Dropbox (about 4 GB of files), and downloaded the Mathematica installer, and got an error that I was out of disk space, so unable to install Mathematica I realized that the installed applications have taken up a lot of space. The directory /usr is already of size 11 GB. Can someone tell me how much free disk space this machine has, after all the utilities are loaded, as delivered to the user? Also what are the options to get at least 10 GB usable disk space? Delete some preinstalled utilities? I understand there is an option to add a drive, has someone tried this? I was thinking that with 32 GB available, if I'm not planning to load movies on this machine, I wouldn't need more disk space, at most I would need an external drive, but looks like I am wrong.


Affordable-Laptop 25-11-18, 7:08 p.m. Manoj

You can remove some of the heavy packages to make some room.

There is an option to remove IITB preinstalls by:

Start menu -> All applications -> System and Utilities -> Software install remove -> Remove custom applications installed by IITB

Use 'debian' as password if you haven't changed it already, and select the packages you want to remove.

Also, the user gets around 12 GB free space out of 32 GB total internal memory when shipped.

The breakup of memory: Out of 32 GB:

a) 28 GB is left after formatting the drive (after partitions)

b) 4 GB is used by SWAP partition(virtual memory). If you don't want to use swap you can reformat and reclaim the 4GB partition

c) Out of remaining 24 GB, half is utilized by the preinstalled packages

27-11-18, 12:33 a.m. Srikant

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