Extracting Emails from Thunderbird to MBOX: A Quick Guide

Emails are an integral part of our digital lives, and managing them efficiently is crucial. If you're a Mozilla Thunderbird user looking to extract your emails and save them in MBOX format, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore two methods to accomplish this task.

Method 1: Manual Copying

  1. Open Thunderbird: Start by launching Thunderbird on your computer.

  2. Create a New Folder: Within Thunderbird, create a new folder where you'll temporarily store the emails you want to export.

  3. Select Emails: Hold down the "Ctrl" key (Windows) or "Command" key (Mac) and click on the emails you wish to export.

  4. Copy to Folder: Right-click on the selected emails, choose "Copy to," and then select the folder you created.

  5. Locate the Files: Thunderbird stores emails in the Mail folder within your profile directory. Find this directory on your computer.

  6. Copy the MBOX File: Locate the mbox file corresponding to the folder you created and copy it to a location of your choice.

Method 2: Using ImportExportTools Add-on

  1. Install ImportExportTools: Navigate to the "Tools" menu in Thunderbird, select "Add-ons," and search for "ImportExportTools." Install the add-on.

  2. Export Emails: After installation, right-click on a folder in Thunderbird and choose "ImportExportTools > Export all messages in the folder."

    The add-on will export your emails to MBOX format, and you can then save them to a location on your computer.


Whether you prefer the manual approach or using an add-on like ImportExportTools, extracting emails from Thunderbird to MBOX format is a straightforward process. Choose the method that best fits your needs and ensure you have a secure backup of your important emails.

Managing your digital communications effectively is essential, and having your emails in MBOX format provides flexibility for future use. Whether you're migrating to a new email client or simply archiving important conversations, these methods will help you take control of your Thunderbird emails.

Remember, technology evolves, and it's always a good idea to stay updated on the latest features and tools available for your favorite applications. Happy emailing!

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