How to activate design check mode?


Having now got Osdag running (thank you!) - I want to check a design I have in mind with Osdag. I believe this is Scenario 2, as mentioned on the Features page:

The new version of Osdag performs design for two different scenarios;

  • Scenario 1:Perform a designfrom a suite of available options in terms of steel sections and connectors. The optimized design is selected based on the total volume of material and this design solution is detailed in the output dock and design report.
  • Scenario 2:Perform a design check with a specific set of single inputs/selections in the 'Customized'option. In this case, Osdag will inform if the design checks are satisfied and suggest changes otherwise.

I do not see a way to activate Scenario 2 from the main GUI. Please help, how do I activate the design check scenario?

Osdag 06-11-23, 7:52 p.m. Johan

Dear Osdag user,

The algorithm automatically assumes the design scenarios in Osdag, and the design is performed based on the defined set of inputs. There is no option to prompt the software to assume a particular scenario.

For example; if you define a single steel section in the section input, it will do a design check for that particular section. In scenarios where multiple steel sections are defined, the algorithm performs design with each section iteratively and selects the most optimum section. Bolt diameter/grade and plate thickness are designed similarly. These scenarios are explained in the tutorial available at https://osdag.fossee.in/resources/videos.


Thank you,

Team Osdag!

06-11-23, 9:37 p.m. Osdag-admin

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