pcbnew layout straight to ngspice?

Hi all,
I've been learning about eSim and its capabilities, and went thru the manual.
The workflow diagram shows how you can export KiCAD eeshema into the Ngspice converter.
I'm eventually trying to get into openModelica for thermal modelling, and I already have a pretty detailed gerber file of the full layout that I can successfully import into KiCAD pcbnew.
Anyone aware of any way to go straight from the layout into ngspice, without having to redo the layout?
Thanks a lot in advance.

eSim 08-10-18, 10:43 p.m. coupsdebambous
Once the circuit schematic is created in KiCad, we generate the netlist file (Spice file) which is later used by the ngspice to get the simulation results.
else, we generate the netlist file (PCB file) for PCB layout and go ahead with generating Gerber files.
You can also directly load the spice file in ngspice and check the simulation results.
09-10-18, 10:52 a.m. Gloria

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