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Hi readers! I hope you are doing great. We are learning about modern neural networks in deep learning, and in the previous lecture, we saw the capsule neural networks that work with the help of a group of neurons in the form of capsules. Today we will discuss the graph neural network in detail.

Graph neural networks are one of the most basic and trending networks, and a lot of research has been done on them. As a result, there are multiple types of GNNs, and the architecture of these networks is a little bit more complex than the other networks. We will start the discussion with the introduction of GNN.

The work on graphical neural networks started in the 2000s when researchers explored graph-based semi-supervised learning in the neural network. The advancements in the studies led to the invention of new neural networks that specifically deal with graphical information. The structure of GNN is highly influenced by the workings of convolutional neural networks. More research was done on the GNN when the simple CNN was not enough to present optimal results because of the complex structure of the data and its arbitrary size. The Engineering Projects

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