school fundraisers

With the help of a shoe drive fundraiser coordinator, collect gently worn, used and new shoes. At the end of the fundraiser, the shoe drive fundraiser coordinator will then collect the shoes and send your school a check based on the number of pairs collected. You simply set up collection materials around the school, and encourage students to donate any shoes they no longer wear.

For the best results, host it in August or September when many students are going back-to-school shopping. Kids quickly grow out of their clothes and shoes, so many parents will be happy to donate shoes in good condition instead of tossing them out.

For an added twist, turn it into a friendly competition! Divide students up into teams. Doing this by class should be the most efficient way to accomplish this. Then, have students race to collect shoes from their families and neighbors. Reward whichever class collects the most shoes by the end of the fundraiser with a pizza party!

Are you looking for an engaging school fundraising idea that can involve your students, teachers, and families? A pledge fundraiser might be perfect for you.

A pledge campaign is a unique type of fundraiser that is often paired with an exciting school-wide event. The main difference between pledge campaigns and traditional fundraisers is that the actual funds are not collected until the conclusion of the campaign. Instead, these retroactive funds correspond to how many predetermined units of a particular “activity” a participant was able to accomplish.


Every school has a mascot, special colors, a motto, or other elements that make up your school’s identity.

Help your teachers, students, and their family members show off their school spirit by selling merchandise to raise money! Your school can sell merchandise at a school store, at fundraising events, or even through an online storefront. fundraising ideas for students

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