Migration from Google workspace to Microsoft 365

Google Workspace is a cloud-based platform that is perfectly designed for small and large organizations to manage their business works. A few factors motivate users to process migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. If you also want to do this migration task, this content will help you greatly in finding the best solution to accomplish this task.

The best solution every user can use to do this migration task is the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool. This software offers multiple features to do this task gently. Moreover, users can handle the entire procedure professionally, as this tool doesn’t require technical skills. It will not change the folder hierarchy and meta properties when performing this migration task.

Users can use its filter option that users can apply using the date or folder-wise criteria. This software allows users to schedule migration jobs regularly, such as daily, weekly or monthly. The migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 using this tool as it offers a simple user interface.

This software’s free demo version is also available for users to check the entire working procedure. Users can process the first 50 items per folder using this free demo version.

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