How to Restore SQL Database From MDF?

Restoring a SQL database from an MDF file is essential when data is lost or corrupted. Here are two methods to do it: the manual approach and using SysTools SQL Recovery tool for an automatic solution.

Manual Method to Restore SQL Database From MDF

Locate Your MDF File: Find the MDF file in your SQL Server data directory. It typically has a '.mdf' extension.

Stop SQL Server: Ensure the SQL Server service is stopped before proceeding.

Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): Open SSMS and connect to your SQL Server.

Restore Database: In SSMS, right-click on 'Databases' and choose 'Restore Database.'

Select Source: Pick 'Device' as the source and click 'Add' to choose your MDF file.

Configure Options: Review settings like the destination database name and file locations.

Restore: Click 'OK' to begin the restoration process.

Restart SQL Server: After restoration, restart the SQL Server service.

SysTools Automatic Method:

Download and Install SysTools SQL Recovery Tool: Get the tool and follow the installation instructions.

Launch the Tool: Open SysTools SQL Recovery and choose 'Open' to select your MDF file.

Scan and Preview: The tool will scan and display a preview of recoverable data.

Select Recovery Mode: Choose 'Quick' or 'Advanced' mode based on your needs.

Start Recovery: Click 'Recover' to initiate the recovery process.

Save Recovered Data: Once done, save the recovered data to a new database.

The SysTools tool simplifies the process with its user-friendly interface and advanced recovery capabilities. Choose the method that suits your needs best to restore your SQL database from the MDF file.

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Hello, I often attach the database in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): Launch SSMS and connect to the SQL Server instance where you want to restore the database. Right-click on "Databases" in the Object Explorer pane and select "Attach..."
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Moreover, I select the MDF file: In the "Attach Databases" window, click on the "Add" button and browse to the location of the MDF file you wish to restore. Select the file and click "OK". I apply this method when using geometry dash lite
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