about a scrubber design

I try to simulate a scrubber A with the chemsep reboiled absorber
here a data
total stage-20
pressure - 1atm
bottom specification - mole fraction of monochlorobenzene- 0.001 %
1 stage feed - total flow rate =1146.3 mole/s; temperature -298 K; pressure - 1 atm
phenol - 0.09235
monochlorobenzene - 0.336947
HCl - 0.02462
water - 0.54607
20 stage feed - total flow rate = 203.4 mole/s; temperature-625.15K; pressure - 1atm
monochlorobenzen - 0.4948
water - 0.5052
top flow rate - 1246.6 mole/sec, temperature - 378.11K, pressure - 1atm
phenol - 0.007387
monochlorobenzene - 0.3857
water - 0.5842
HCl - 0.02264
bottom flow rate - 103.14mol/s, temperture - 446.2, pressure - 1atm
phenol - 0.9371
water - 0.0588
monochlorobenzene - 0.00403
azeotropic data
water(0.71 mol/mol) + chlorobenzene; temperature - 90 C
water(0.981 mol/mol) + phenol ; temperature -99.5 C
as my reference suggest it will give me a phenol and water mixer(from which phenol can be extracted by benzene so the output is according to azeotropic data or much amount of water which can down my production ) at a top and pure monochlorobenzene at downflow but here as you see it gives me a no water or very less water at top products and all water are coming out from downward with monochlorobenzene (which actually increase my economy) but I try to design the same flowsheet as shown so can anyone help me to figure out the problem or any kind of modification which will give me a proper data or I have to accept the present data given by the current model.
as I am not able to get help from my senior or any classmate I have to ask full-length problem here so thanks for the read

DWSIM 22-07-18, 9:23 p.m. mehul09

Which thermodynamics property package was used to simulate the flowsheet? Can you also provide the source from where the input data was taked?

04-12-18, 3:25 p.m. Priyam_Nayak

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