Top 10 Web3 Applications to Lookout

Web3 is the most fascinating concept for the upcoming generation of the internet. It teaches the users to manage their digital assets and other crypto particulars. It also provides a platform for free content creation clubbed with control, ownership, and monetization. Now, Let us take a look at thetop web3 applicationsto look out for in 2023;

  • Brave
  • Dtube
  • Solano
  • PolkaDot
  • DODO
  • Opensea
  • Storj
  • Everledger
  • Decentraland
  • Axie Infinity

These are the top applications that swirl around in the web3 world. It’s time to move from Web2 to web3 because the world has started to adopt web3 platforms in different sectors such as gaming and banking.

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