FFT processing block in XCOS

I am a newbie trying to learn and get hands-on for Signal processing in one of our project requirement I want to learn to do modelling in XCOS wherein I try to generate a signal of say 100 Hz , do FFT processing on it and dump the output in a text file I tried to find the FFT related blocks in the pallette but could not find any Can someone help me to understand how to proceed in this case

Scilab 21-06-18, 10:54 a.m. shrinivasnh
There is no dedicated xcos block to do FFT, for example. However, you can make use of "scifunc" block. This block is available in the palette browser under "userdefined blocks" category. It is used to call user-defined functions from xcos. You can code the necessary part of your program in a function and then build a xcos diagram around it. See http://spoken-tutorial.org/watch/Scilab/Calling%2BUser%2BDefined%2BFunctions%2Bin%2BXCOS/English/
which explains how to use the "scifunc" block.
21-06-18, 11:53 a.m. rupakrokade

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