debugger acting screwy

I've been fooling around with this debugger for a couple of days now. I have one function that I made to test some arrays and use the debugger on it. The code is simple, only 7 lines, and I made some foolish mistakes, like making an array starting with [ and ending with ) by accident. Well, after opening up the debugger and setting a break point and then trying to exec the function, needless to say the debugger stalled, and wouldn't let me do anything, so I quit. I did some monkeying around and thought that I found the problem, but when I opened up the debugger I got a line starting with break> instead of the normal debug>. Listing the breakpoints showed no breakpoints, and delete found no breakpoints to delete. I found no way to get out of this hangup (q didn't work), except exiting Scilab and starting over from scratch! This is not the first time that I got hung up in the debugger, and I find it a little distracting. Is this normal behavior for the debugger? Maybe the debugger stalls like this when it finds a syntax error, and that is normal.

Scilab 19-06-18, 5:51 a.m. maxcy

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