more debugger questions

In the tutorials (lecture 15) there is an example: naivegaussianelimination.sci, that has problems with the results. So I saved it as forwardelimination.sci and made the following modifications: basically so I can figure out why this section of code (forward elimination #3) isn't working.

1. The A and b matrices are now "hard wired" into the file: no inputs to keep things simple.

2. function[x] is now function[C], I want to see the change to C

3. the sizes, the size checks, the augmented code, and the Forward Elimination code are kept as is.

4. the Back substitution code is removed, only step #3 changes C

I save and execute it and the C matrix is not UT form! So, I need to use the debugger on this file! How do I get this notebook example into the Scilab debugger in the console? I've talked about the debugger in other posts, and it was suggested that I look up exec in the help files. That has nothing to do with running this code in the debugger! I'm used to using a real debugger in Eclipse, but this one is not user friendly at all. I sure would like to get this debugger running on this file so I can set up some breakpoints, watchpoints, and use step/step into to view the variables as I go along into the code. That is just basic debugging stuff.

Scilab 18-06-18, 1:38 a.m. maxcy
Please see if this post helps you- https://scilab.io/algo-dev-debugging/
18-06-18, 3:25 a.m. shamika

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