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Looking at tutorial 15 with the GaussJordan examples, etc. I find that I'm having problems with the code. I've downloaded the code multiple times, so it wasn't a corrupted download, but still the example has problems. I'm now thinking of going through this example with the debugger in desperation. Since the examples are accessed through the notepad, where I typically "save and execute" the example, there is no code shown in the console. All the help shows is how to put a function into the console and then start the debugger with debug. Adding break points etc is well documented. But nothing about how to get the code into the console so I can try debugging! How do I debug an example from the notepad?

Scilab 17-06-18, 9 a.m. maxcy
I'm not sure what you mean by get the code into the console but if you mean execute the code, you can use this- https://help.scilab.org/docs/5.5.2/en_US/exec.html
You can also select the various options offered by the Execute menu in the SciNotes menu bar.
17-06-18, 1:55 p.m. shamika


All the debuggers that I have used to date work on a copy of the code shown to the user. And once the user is in the debug mode, one can add breakpoints into a displayed line of code. Or watchpoints for that matter. When the code is run, in the debug mode, it stops at the breakpoint, then the variables can be checked to see their value. Then one can step over the line and see what the next line of code is doing. This whole idea is predicated on seeing the code that one is debugging. Save and execute runs the code from the notepad, but never shows the source code in the console to help with the debugging. I see, from the help, that a break can be set up on a line number, I think. So, if I set a break point, I should be in the debugger to start with. That means that from the debugger, I have to see the code listing in order to set a breakpoint. And I should see the source code in the console via the debugger so I can add in breakpoints, etc. But, I don't know how to do this. If you are familiar with this debugger, I would suggest you compare it to a real debugger, like the one in Eclipse with the CDT plugin for C and C++ programming: that's a real debugger!

17-06-18, 11:23 p.m. maxcy

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