What are some common testing methodologies?

Several testing methodologies are used in software testing, such as:

  1. Manual Testing: Testers manually execute test cases without using any automation tools.
  2. Automated Testing: Testing performed using automation tools to speed up the testing process and enhance accuracy.
  3. Black Box Testing: Testing where the internal logic of the software is not known; the focus is on inputs and expected outputs.
  4. White Box Testing: Testing where the internal logic and code of the software are known and tested accordingly.
  5. Regression Testing: Repeatedly testing software after changes to ensure that new modifications do not adversely affect existing functionalities.

In the realm of software testing, a variety of methodologies are employed to ensure the robustness and reliability of applications. If you're aiming to dive into this field, consider augmenting your skills through relevant courses, such as a Python programming course in Meerut, which can significantly enhance your testing capabilities.

Python 10-08-23, 3:58 p.m. Muskan

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