Microservices with shared database? using multiple ORM's? [closed]

I'm learning about microservices and I'm gonna build a project with a microservices architecture.

The thing is, one of my team mates want to use one database for all services, sharing all tables so "data doesn't get repeated", each service would be built with different frameworks and languages like django and rails which use very different ORM standards.

What would be the correct approach? Since I think working with one database would involve a lot of "hacking" the ORMs in order to make them work correctly.

OpenPLC 08-08-23, 4:44 p.m. hemanth4
It's awesome that you're diving into microservices! While a shared database might seem like a neat solution to prevent data duplication, it often leads to the exact "hacking" challenges you mentioned, especially with different ORMs in play. Microservices thrive on autonomy, so consider separate databases for each service, focusing on clear communication through well-defined APIs. This not only aligns with microservices principles but also allows each service to choose the database and ORM that best suits its needs. Remember, the beauty of microservices lies in their flexibility and independence. Why use microservices architecture? It offers scalability, fault isolation, and the ability to choose the right tools for each job—embracing the diversity of frameworks and languages your team loves.
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