Gaussian Elimination Tutorial


In this tutorial, the 2nd section on Gaussian Elimination is discussed. Upon installing the GaussJordanElimination.sce example into the notebook and installing it into the console, I then put in the A and b arrays per tutorial. OK. But when I try to execute GaussJordanElimination(A,b) function I run into problems. The first part of the tutorial, with the first example, requires the same procedure to run that example, and all goes well. But with this example, using the same procedure, I get the following error message: "At line 55 of function GaussJordanElimination (the path to the function is given here)

with input arguments, return / resume expects output arguments."

On line 55 of the code is a return x, followed by an endfunction. The x is the zeros array that was filled in previous to the return statement. I see nothing wrong with what I did, and just to make sure the code was not mistakenly altered, I redownloaded this example to make sure the file wasn't corrupted, and tried this again with the same results. Looking through the code, I can see nothing wrong with it. But the error message is very baffling. The is tutorial 14 from the following link.


Scilab 14-06-18, 12:53 p.m. maxcy
Inside the "GaussJordanElimination.sci" file, comment out the line "return x" just above the endfuction statement. Follow the tutorial from 09:11 onwards after you make this correction.
11-01-22, 4:17 p.m. Rashmi

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