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Is it possible to attach a file (.png) to a post? I can do this in lots of other forums, but this seems to evade me here. The post that I would like to submit involves a code snippet and some results when I try to run this example. In one of the previous tutorials there was an error message about a missing variable. It was a simple fix, so I don't know if there was an error in the download or I screwed up and inadvertently modified the code and created this bug. But I got it running. In the GaussJordanElimination.sce example I am having a problem running it, and the error message that I get I do not understand. I have snippets of the associated code, the error message, and the entry lines in the console. I would have posted a message about this problem, but I can see no way to attach these files to the posting to make it clear what I did to get to this point. I did the previous example in this tutorial and everything came out just fine. It sure would be nice to attach a file to a post. Any feedback is appreciated.

Scilab 14-06-18, 1:50 a.m. maxcy
Can you please host this code and send a link along with your post? Because of some security/storage reasons, we do not permit the attachment of any files. In any case, we are not in a position to change this feature at present. Thanks for your interest.
14-06-18, 6:44 a.m. kannan

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