How many pages should an eCommerce website have ?

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Depending on the particular requirements and objectives of the company, an eCommerce website may include fewer or more pages. However, there are a few standard pages that may be seen on the majority of eCommerce websites. Listed below are a few crucial pages:
  • Home Page: The homepage of your eCommerce website is where customers may first learn about your company, offerings, and current deals.
  • Product Listing:These pages showcase your goods or services, usually divided into sections or categories to make it easier for users to browse and locate what they're searching for.
  • Product Details Page: Each product should have its own page with pricing, photos, and further information, as well as a "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button.
  • About Us: This page contains details about your business, your brand narrative, your objective, and your values. It forges a bond with your consumers and contributes to developing trust.
  • Contact Us Page: Customers can contact this page for any questions or support requirements by using the contact information provided, which includes an email address, phone number, and potentially a contact form.
  • Terms and Conditions Page: Customers should be aware of the critical legal and policy information on these pages before making a purchase.
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