Benefits of Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Microsoft Entra Verified ID (previously known as Verifiable Credentials) is an enterprise-grade decentralized identity service built on blockchain technology based on open standards. Microsoft Entra Verified ID lets you issue and verify workplace credentials, education status, certifications, or any unique identity attributes in a global ecosystem designed for secure interaction between people, organizations, and things. Crucially, Verified ID enables everyone to own and control their own identity and choose when and whether to provide or revoke access to businesses or services they interact with.

Benefits of Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Validate identity information for trustworthy, self-service enrollment and reduced time-to-hire. Remotely issue, onboard, and verify identity credentials for new hires.
Complete customization of verification factors
Quickly verify an individual’s credentials and status to grant least-privilege access with confidence.
Verify temporary worker and employee credentials flow of your work
Instantly verify digital identities
Account recovery and password resets are time-consuming for everyone. With a solution that uses Microsoft Entra Verified ID to easily create and verify identity credentials, your users can become empowered to manage their account and password recovery themselves using self-service saving IT teams time and resources and getting users back to work faster
Verified ID can unlock a new set of experiences that give users and organizations greater control over their data and deliver a higher degree of trust and security for apps, devices, and service providers

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