Here Are Some Common Hazards A Car Might Have To Deal With On The Road

Driving is more of a skill that evolves over time, especially when you hit the road constantly. So this means you have to practise to sharpen your skills, even if you are a novice. But the road is not a piece of cake because it puts a lot of challenges in front of a driver. However, proper awareness becomes extremely necessary to deal with challenges on the road.

The road challenge, also known as a hazard, is something that can catch you off guard and force you to slow down. The hazards might be environmental, physical. Let’s understand these challenges, respectively.

Wet roads due to heavy rain

Rain is a natural phenomenon, and no one can deny it. You cannot, similarly, avoid driving. However, driving a vehicle in the rain would always be a problem.

In wet conditions, vehicles tend to slip a bit more. Though, if you find yourself driving in a heavy rain, it is necessary to reduce the speed by a fair margin and avoid tailgating the vehicles at front. Besides, make sure that your vehicle is intact in terms of brakes, tires, lights, etc. In rain, wipers become so essential that they should work properly.

You should come to Service My Car for the assurance of your car's fitness so that you can deal with challenges in the rainy conditions.

Glare due to direct sunlight

On a bright sunny day, the sun moves as per its speed in a predetermined direction. However, many of us might find it shining directly in front of us, and sunshine may blind you through the windscreen.

However, a pair of sunglasses would be helpful to deal with such a situation. Most cars come with a sun visor just in front of the driver's head. You can use it to block the sun's rays, but it must settle in such a way that it does not obstruct your vision on the road.

So just point the bottom of the sun visor towards the windscreen a bit. If the sun is bothering you through a window, the vision can be moved in a specific direction because they are detachable on one end.

Driving on icy roads

When a car runs on a road, there is enough friction, but this is not the case on icy roads. These roads pose a serious challenge in terms of driving. In such conditions, there should be enough distance between vehicles.

Driving in low visibility fog

Fog comes with a unique challenge. There would be low visibility, and driving would not be easy in such a condition.

Usually, many drivers prefer to use the high beams in fog so that they can illuminate better and sharper. However, the high beam may shine further and cause more fog to reflect. When there is more reflection, there is less visibility. Therefore, it is better to use dim light instead.

Encountering a tyre blowout

Unless they pick up any nails or sharp objects, tyres provide us with a worry-free ride. However, there would be two scenarios. In one situation, a tyre may lose pressure slowly, while another may force it to lose pressure instantly.

However, a slow inflating tyre is not a threat, but a sudden blast may put you in danger. During a sudden blast, drivers often hit the brakes instinctively. However, a tyre blast might be quite dangerous for a vehicle on the road. Therefore, you should focus on how to deal with the vehicle in case of an emergency.

It requires you to keep your vehicle moving in a straight line unless you are able to stop. If your car skids or moves in a specific direction, simply press your pedal harder to maintain acceleration. You can search for a auto workshop near me on the web to opt for car repair and service in Dubai at a very reasonable price.

Besides, you should check your car’s tyres frequently and always maintain a proper air pressure. There should be proper wheel alignment. Get in touch with Service My Car for any tyre care.

Managing a brake failure

Nobody can deny the significance of proper brakes. If you can accelerate a vehicle, it needs to stop. But brake failure is a major concern. There might be problems with brake components, which usually people ignore.

In most cases, the brake unit will begin to sound if there is a problem. It might be a lack of efficiency in the braking once you press the pedal. Sometimes, there might be some kind of sound, especially when applying the brakes.

However, our primary concern is dealing with a brake failure. In the event of brake failure, you should follow these courses of action. First and foremost, use the hazard lights or press the brake pedal several times to inform others of a problem by flashing emergency lights.

Next, try to put your vehicle in neutral and use the emergency brakes. You should refer to the owner’s manual of your car to learn about the emergency brakes They definitely work by slowing down the rear wheels. If you are unfamiliar with emergency brakes, always try to shift into lower gears gradually as your vehicle speeds down before taking a safe passage.

Besides, it is best to prevent such problems by taking proper steps on time. Service My car definitely helps keep your car’s brakes intact. Get brake pads replacement or any other repair at very low prices.

You can utilise car maintenance through Service My Car to mitigate most of these hazards. But it requires booking a car service or ordering a car repair quote online on our website or app.

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