compile and run is screwed up

Opening up an example sd_synth_fast I compiled/run the code which was OK except for a "warning in VCO.inp divide_val is too small for the given sample rate in this case divide_val = '2' should be >='18' (setting divide_val to '18' whenever it is too small)". In the test.par file I find no divide_val, so I am at a loss as to where I can change the divide_val to a more correct value. When I do run the test file in the viewer, the graph of all the outputs is screwed up. Is this divide_val covered in the help files?

Scilab 11-04-18, 10:45 a.m. maxcy
Where is this "sd_synth_fast" example? Help us to re-produce the problem at our end, step by step.
11-04-18, 3:35 p.m. rupakrokade

When I open up Sue2 there is a synthesizer_examples list on the right side with a lot of examples, including the sd_synth_fast example that I doubled clicked to put it into the main console showing the code for the example. Then I did a compile/run that gave the warning. I should mention that I had this thing running perfectly once before, but I had to uninstall this and then did a reinstall using the original setup file, and the reinstall was to be OK, with the same desktop icons as in the original install. I did delete the whole CppSim folder after uninstalling to make sure I started from scratch before doing a reinstall. The reinstall worked fine with no problems at all. But the compile\run gives the mentioned warning.
11-04-18, 7:18 p.m. maxcy

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