Regarding adding compuonds in DWSIM

We have tried adding compounds in DWSIM. We are unable to find a project within the range of compounds available in the software. We tried and failed in importing compounds online. Some of the basic unit operations like scrubber and most of the reactors aren't available. We request you to extend the compounds and flowsheet objects.

DWSIM 04-04-18, 5:15 p.m. Priyam_Nayak

What components are you looking for in DWSIM database? In DWSIM, you can add your own components through Compound Creator utility available under file menu. More details about compound creator utility can be found here.

As far as Unit Operations like scrubbers or any other column is concerned, it can be achieved by Chemsep columns available under "CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation" flowsheet object. Kindly drag and drop CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation from flowsheet object and select Chemsep from the list and you can perform any column operation (distillation, absorption/scrubbing, extraction) as per the process requirement. Also, DWSIM has 5 different reactors (CSTR, PFR, Conversion, Equillibrium, Gibbs) which are good enough to carry out any steady state simulations with some approximations in case the reaction is a complex one. What kind of reactor are you looking for?

Also DWSIM being a CAPE-OPEN compliant simulator supports different plug-ins like Scilab Unit Operation, Matlab Unit Operation, Python/IronPython Scripting which enables users to create/model custom unit operations as per the process requirement. This would help you to create any custom flowsheet object as per the process flowsheet provided you know the i/p & o/p variables and governing equations for the model.

04-04-18, 5:16 p.m. Priyam_Nayak

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