OSDAG installation problem

Dear Sir,

After installation of OSDAG, I am getting following dialog box.
"Windows cannot find 'pythonw'. Make sure typed name correctly, then try again."
Request you to help me for fixing this bug while installation.
Yallamanda Rao
Manager - Structural
L&T-Sargent&Lundy Ltd.

Osdag 02-04-18, 12:40 p.m. Yallamandarao

Dear Yallamanda,

Thanks for contacting Osdag Team.

Hope you have followed the Installation instruction from READMEfile properly, but still, I would suggest referring thisĀ post for correct installation of Osdag. If the installation is not followed properly then Osdag will not run properly.
If you have antivirus installed on your system then please disable it before installing Osdag. This is because on some systems during installation of Osdag some packages are been blocked by antivirus.

Try uninstalling Miniconda, wkhtmltox and Osdag and reinstall following the same sequence with strictly correct installation instructions. Following these steps, if you still get an error please let us know by sending a screenshot of the error that occurs.

Osdag Team

03-04-18, 9:23 a.m. Osdag-admin

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