How do I get bulk API in Salesforce?

To access the Bulk API in Salesforce

  1. Verify Bulk API Enablement: Ensure that the Bulk API is enabled in your Salesforce organization. Go to Setup, search for "API" in the Quick Find box, and select "API Settings." Confirm that the "Enable Bulk API" checkbox is selected.

  2. Create or Use a Connected App: You need a connected app to use the Bulk API. Create a new connected app or use an existing one.

  3. Obtain the necessary credentials: To authenticate and access the Bulk API, you will require a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret. These credentials can be obtained by creating a connected app and configuring its settings.

  4. Set up the Bulk API client: Choose a programming language and set up a Bulk API client using the appropriate libraries or frameworks. Salesforce provides official client libraries for various languages such as Java, .NET, and Python.

  5. Authenticate and obtain an access token: Using the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, authenticate your Bulk API client with Salesforce. This process will provide you with an access token that will be used for subsequent API requests.

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