Does Azure Run On aws

Azure and AWS are two separate cloud computing platforms offered by Microsoft and Amazon, respectively. While they both provide similar services such as virtual machines, storage, and databases, they are independent and compete with each other in the cloud market.

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform, offering a range of services and solutions for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. It provides various tools and services for developers and businesses, including virtual machines, cloud storage, databases, AI services, and more.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is Amazon's cloud computing platform, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud services for computing power, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning, and more. AWS is widely used by individuals, startups, and enterprises for building and deploying applications and services in the cloud.

While it's possible to integrate or connect services between Azure and AWS, they are separate platforms with their own infrastructure, management consoles, and billing systems.

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