Apps for learning BASIC math

Hi everyone!

Sadly, I am 28 and can barely do basic math. I even struggle with basic basic multiplication and division. I swear I have dyscalculia (although when I was younger, they didn’t test for this in my school district)

I have a job interview coming up and the interviewer mentioned they may ask some questions that would involve solving calculations using basic percentages and multiplication. For whatever reason, I can’t use a calculator during the test although I’m sure once on the job a calculator would be suitable.

I am terrified. The interview is awhile away so hoping I can brush up on basic level math via an app?

I don’t care if it’s for elementary school kids lol.

Affordable-Laptop 11-05-23, 5:28 p.m. youngdolph
Hi. I understand that learning basic math can be a challenge, especially if you have difficulty because of dyscalculia. There are many apps to help you learn math but it won't always be easy. I personally like geometry and had trouble with the acute angle topic, but this site https://brighterly.com/math/acute-angle/ I can recommend Brighterly online school to you. They can provide structured courses that allow you to systematically learn and reinforce basic math skills. I encourage you to check out their courses and resources for more information on how they can help you learn and improve your basic math skills. I think I helped you with your question.
17-05-23, 8:08 p.m. custer

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