CATALYST is not present

there is no catalyst in chemsep database .ex -cupric benzoate, cobalt napthalente, how to add these components???

DWSIM 22-03-18, 12:14 a.m. e.santosh

You can create your desired compound in DWSIM by following the below steps:

Go to File >> Compound Creator Study

Now there are number of ways to create the compound:
1. Entering the component property directly: In case you have the property date for the component, you can enter them against the different properties.
2. Group Contribution Method: You can define the functional groups present in the compound by different group contribution methods like Joback, UNIFAC, MODFAC & NIST-MODFAC and the properties get calculated accordingly
3. Importing Compound from Online sources: Go to Compound >> Import Data from Online Sources . Then you can search for your compound by CAS ID in any of the displayed online sources and import it.

Once the component properties are available in the creator study by one of the above methods, save the file by exporting data to the JSON File. Go to Compound >> Export Data to JSON File and save the json file. Now the same JSON file can be imported while adding compounds in the Simulation configuration wizard while doing a new steady state simulation.

22-03-18, 10:28 a.m. Priyam_Nayak

in point 3 i tried but there is a error msg "object refernce not set to an instance of object " what it's mean?
27-03-18, 1:43 a.m. e.santosh
It means that the compound couldn't be found on the selected online database.

08-04-18, 1:48 a.m. DanWBR

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