Is it better to write a ebook by computer or laptop?

The decision to use a laptop or PC to write an ebook mostly boils down to convenience and personal preference. Both gadgets help you to efficiently write your ebook because they both have comparable features and capabilities. However, although some people might like the smaller screen and more ergonomic keyboard of a PC, others could feel that laptops are more adaptable and portable. Choosing a gadget that makes it easy and comfortable for you to create my ebook is ultimately the most crucial consideration. utilize the tool that works best for you and your writing style, whether you decide to utilize a PC or a laptop.

Do you have a preference for writing ebooks on a computer or a laptop? If you're thinking, 'I want to write my ebook but I'm not sure which device to use,' let us know in the comments below.

Affordable-Laptop 20-04-23, 12:29 p.m. jacklinalbert

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