call_scilab help file questions


This shows makefiles where PATH_SCILAB is defined as the path to where Scilab is installed. So far, so good. But then there are other paths defined to directories that don't exist in the installation that I downloaded! What's up? Looking again at these makefiles there are lines with pathways to directories that don't even exist! For instance:

SCILAB_CFLAGS = -I$(PATH_SCILAB)/modules/core/includes/ -I$(PATH_SCILAB)/modules/call_scilab/includes/

I don't see any /modules directory of anything like /modules/call_scilab/includes/ so what the heck are these makefiles even talking about?

I know from my c and c++ programming experience that if I go to compile a group of files the compiler will know to look first in the same directory as the source code for the makefile. So where should the makefile that they are talking about in this link be located and what is the compiler that is being used? Is it the call_scilab function that does the compiling and working with the makefile? Then where should the makefile be located to work with this function?

And, looking at these make files, one is for source code and the other is for binary file. All I see in this tool download is the source code. Maybe the binary files that they are referring to are the .sce or .sci files. I don't know. Being a c++ programer I know the difference between .c, .h, & .o & .exe files. Maybe it would be a lot simpler if there was a tutorial on how to compile Scilab toolboxes, but I haven't found one yet. If there is one please let me know. These are just a few of the questions that I have about this call_scilab help file.

Scilab 16-03-18, 11:40 a.m. maxcy

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