Design of fir filters using windowing technique

Respected Sir / Madam I am developing code for fir filters using windowing technique. During the check process I am not fining any difference for a with in the allowable band and out of the band frequencies. I am posting the code as well.I am failing to interpret the output spectrum. Your help will be priceless. Yours sincerely T.V.Chandra Shekar

omegap = 1200;
omegas = 1700;
fs = 8000;
rp = 0.01;
rs = 0.02;
wp = omegap/fs;
ws = omegas/fs;
N = ((-20*log10(sqrt(rp*rs)))-13)/(14.6*((omegas - omegap)/fs));
if (modulo(N,2)~=0) then
    N1 = N;
    N = N1-1;
    N1 = N + 1;
[wft,hm,fr]=wfir('lp',floor(N1),[wp],"re",[0 0]);
a = gca();a.x_location = "origin";a.y_location = "origin";
xtitle('Rectangular Window','f Frequecy','Magnitude');
den = [zeros(1,(length(wft)-1)) 1];
numpol = poly(wft,'z','coeff');
denpol = poly(den,'z','coeff');
firtff = syslin('d',numpol,denpol);
n = 0:1023;
x = 2*sin(2*%pi*2900*n/fs);
y = flts(x,firtff);
Y = abs(fft(y));
f = (0:1023)*fs/1024;
xtitle('Magnitude Spectrum Of Output','Frequency f','Magnitude');

Scilab 14-03-18, 6:26 a.m. chandrashekar
The windowing technique is a method of approximation that leads to the design of a filter whose frequency response is similar to that of the original system. It is suggested to be a useful https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/geometric/ source to download premium templates. The windowing technique has been used for designing low-pass, high-pass and band pass filters.
24-08-22, 4:03 p.m. Kreiger49

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