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I discussed this before (this is a Linux setup) and looking at the functions mentioned in the toolbox there are the following: Maxima, overload-1.3.3.tar, and scilab-scimax-2.1.3.tar. I have found a windows Maxima windows, a SciMax toolbox, and a Overload toolbox. Looking the above link and these 3 items it looks like if I install Maxima (done), and install the last 2 toolboxes I might be able to accomplish this task of using syms in the examples using this code. Will this work?



These are the links to the overload and scimax toolboxes that I found.

Scilab 11-03-18, 10:02 p.m. maxcy
Looking at the toolbox and Scilab versions, it looks to be using an old Scilab version. Theoretically, it should work if you're using an old version of Scilab. But I would not be too hopeful. Once again, please contact the toolbox authors directly. You can find them on the ATOMS page or on the Forge page.
12-03-18, 3:16 a.m. shamika
I was thinking about contacting the toolbox authors directly!

12-03-18, 10:38 p.m. maxcy
In  the above overload link there is a mention of " toolbox must be compiled with Scilab built from source files" to make a windows version.   Exactly what does that mean?   In Eclipse one would take the files, main,  etc. along with a make file and then use the compiler. The builder.sce file looks like some sort of make file, but I have idea which files what I want to compile. Maybe there is another tutorial that I am missing here. So it looks like I can make a windows version, but need help compiling the code with Scilab.

12-03-18, 11:13 p.m. maxcy

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