Scilab Symbolic Toolbox

  1. Install Maxima. On terminal type sudo apt-get install maxima

This is the first step to install the Symbolic Toolbox. I can find a windows version of Maxima from Sourceforge.

If I install this, how will Scilab know that it is installed? sudo is some sort of Linux command, but I am using windows,

so how do I do this step? Maybe the installer itself puts the tool into Scilab. I don't know. Feedback needed here! Maxima

seems to be some sort of algebraic equation tool, but was it designed especially for Scilab so that the installation puts it

into the Scilab tools? "On terminal type sudo" is a Linux command, but I am using windows, so I would have to install

Maxima via windows, not Linux, and this can not even be done in a Scilab console, unless there is a way that I do not know

about. So how does Maxima get to be part of Scilab? Maybe by the file browser.

  1. Download overload-1.3.3.tar
  2. Extract overload-1.3.3
  3. On Scilab console, navigate to overload-1.3.3 folder
  4. Type exec loader.sce in Scilab console

These are the next 4 lines of installation instructions: the tar file is a Linux file, not a windows file type. I can

extract in windows a tar file and hope that when I type in exec loader.sce that the intended results will be

obtained. I also see no way of browsing for a folder in the Scilab console: cut and paste and clearing the

console I can do, but not navigating! I can go to the file browser and find the everload-1.3.3 folder from there.

But how do I exec loader.sce?

Scilab 09-03-18, 5:13 a.m. maxcy

When you ask a question referring to an external source, please paste the link here so that the reader fully understands the context of the question. This is not just for me but also for other readers who might have the same problem as yours.
The Maxima tool is independent of scilab. It is needed by overload-1.3.3 to work. Dont wory, overload will understand on its own if maxima in installed or not.
From what I can understand is that you are using linux installation instructions over a windows OS using a windows compatible installer file. This will not work. The instructions will confuse you and the file, overload-1.3.3.tar is obviously not meant to work on Windows OS
Also, if you have problem navigating to a directory using scilab, you should probably watch the basic tutorials on scilab first. You may start with this http://spoken-tutorial.org/watch/Scilab/Getting%2BStarted/English/ In fact I suggest you to practice the tutorials from 3 to 12 available here http://spoken-tutorial.org/tutorial-search/?search_language=English&search_foss=Scilab&page=1

09-03-18, 11:52 a.m. rupakrokade
I did review these tutorials. The first one is very basic and other than finding the current working directory and opening and closing textfiles, that doesn't  help  much.  So if the overload-1.3.3.tar doesn't work on windows, the whole article seems useless and I still don't  know how to install the symbolic toolbox into Scilab, which all I wanted to do from the start so that I could run some of the example code (using syms) that is being posted by the Scilab people. I suppose it would help a heck of a lot if there were a windows version of installation instructions, but that seems like to much to ask for. Will the command  "exec loader.sce"  even work in the windows environment? There is a windows tool that will allow me to extract a tar file. So maybe if I extracted the tar file  and  then did the remaining steps, would that work?

10-03-18, 5:32 a.m. maxcy

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This is the link to the site that explains how to "fix" the syms problem that occurs when I try to run any example code that contains the syms command. This webpage is obviously Linux oriented, and I see no information as to how to do this in a windows operating system: as that is what I would have done being a windows user! I will check out the links to the tutorials given and thank you so much for these links. So if there is any link to a site that will explain how to install the symbolic toolbox on a windows system I will be forever grateful if you know of such a site!

10-03-18, 2:10 a.m. maxcy

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