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eSim 17-03-23, 10:10 a.m. cipinang4d
Retro Bowl is a game of 11-on-11 American football, but it is, after all, still a mobile game. It is designed to be fun, easy to play, and easy to understand; managing a complete, 53-man NFL roster is none of those things. Therefore, Retro Bowl streamlines its game play in three ways, and it is absolutely critical that you understand both.
First, Retro Bowl does not make you manage 53 players, or even 22. In Retro Bowl, you are only responsible for managing your ‘star’ players. Your star player roster caps at 10 players (or 12, if you have the Unlimited Version and select the 12-man roster option). The rest of the team is filled out with replacement-level guys. If you do not have a star player at a given position, a replacement level player will fill that position. Therefore, it is crucial that you have star players at the most important positions, whenever possible.
17-03-23, 7:42 p.m. nighttop

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