what is syms and how does it affect the code


syms K T

H=syslin(' c ',K/(s*(T*s +1) ))


When I run this code I get errors complaining about syms, I can't find it in the list of functions on the help. I did find an online reference telling me that it is part of the ATOMs addendum to the Scilab environment. Looking at ATOMs I find a whole slew of tools that can be added, and I have no idea which one and whether this is even worth the effort. Maybe if I understood the code a little better I could find a workaround syms. It looks like the original intent of the syms K T line was to define 2 variables of some sort. Then they are used in syslin to define a linear system, which is then used by nyquist. I have also seen this same sort of thing used in evans for a root locus plot. Can anyone explain how K and T are used in this code to get a nyquist plot?

Scilab 04-03-18, 12:50 a.m. maxcy
As reported earlier and addressed, we have problems running code with 'syms' command. Can you try this and let us know the results? https://scilab.in/scilab-symbolic-toolbox Be informed that the toolbox will work only with the mentioned system specifications. Looking at the code, I am assuming that you know what K and T are with respect to control systems.
05-03-18, 1:03 p.m. rupakrokade

  1. Install Maxima. On terminal type sudo apt-get install maxima
  2. Download overload-1.3.3.tar
  3. Extract overload-1.3.3
  4. On Scilab console, navigate to overload-1.3.3 folder
  5. Type exec loader.sce in Scilab console
  6. Download scilab-scimax-2.1.4.tar
  7. Extract scilab-scimax-2.1.4
  8. Open scilab-scimax-2.1.4/builder.sce on an editor. Change line 14 to indicate the path of overload.1.3.3. For example, the path could look like this- %otb_path='/home/xyz/overload-1.3.3'
  9. On Scilab console, navigate to scilab-scimax-2.1.4
  10. Type exec builder.sce in Scilab console
  11. Type exec loader.sce in Scilab console
  12. Type maxinit in Scilab console
  13. To test the toolbox has been loaded properly, type the following in Scilab console Syms x Syms y e=(x+y)^5 f=expand(e)
  14. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. from the above toolbox link:
  16. tar files are a Linux file type and I am using Microsoft windows.
  17. what the heck is Maxima and sudo looks like a Linux comand
  18. I have no clue how to do steps 4 & 5
  19. step 8 is baffling
  20. steps 0 - 2 do you literally mean type in "exec builder.sce" on the console
  21. also for "maxinit"
  22. only step 3 makes any sense
06-03-18, 10:31 a.m. maxcy
The last question in the main post was never answered.

06-03-18, 9:06 p.m. maxcy
I meant only step 13 instead of step 3

07-03-18, 5:26 a.m. maxcy

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