importing .sce file

Downloading some example Scilab files, I find that, after unzipping the folder, there are a bunch of .sce files. How do I get these types of files into the console to run them?

Scilab 03-03-18, 2:21 a.m. maxcy
You cant. Only .sci files can be loaded in the scilab console to make use of them using the "getd" command. This is because the convention is to keep only re-usable functions inside the .sci files and executable code inside .sce files. Loading all .sce files in the console is not desirable. You can use the exec command to execute any .sce scilab file.
05-03-18, 12:18 p.m. rupakrokade

Going into the cloud and clicking the icon in the upper left corner, you can find the book "Control Systems Engineering - I.T.Nagrath and M.Gopal" and the code that I am referring to comes from this book which I downloaded, copied and pasted some of the code in the book into the Scilab console and got all these errors about syms. Even in the cloud one can select an example and try to run it, but I get the same error! Other files from other books without a syms in it load into the cloud console and execute just fine! So it seems like a lot of books with their out of date code are still being published without informing the community that these books are essentially useless!
06-03-18, 2:39 a.m. maxcy


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