In Anaplan how to upload the file without initial file through user interface

How to upload the file on Anaplan without initial upload of file through user interface? I was trying to upload files onto the Anaplan platform using the REST API. So there was a note mentioned on the Anaplan. To upload a file using the API that file must exist in Anaplan. If the file has not been previously uploaded, you must upload it initially using the Anaplan user interface. You can then carry out subsequent uploads of that file using the API. So I was looking for any way to upload the file onto the Anaplan trainingwithout going through the user interface. As the above statement in the Anaplan API page suggested that you need to upload through the user interface first. So is there any other way we can get away from that user interface part or not.

DWSIM 23-01-23, 3:06 p.m. saichinnu1852
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