Tips that will help you "pump" your brain

There are a few tips that will help you "pump" your brain:
1. Read good books.Reading books stimulates the imagination. When you read a fiction book, you involuntarily imagine the plot unfolding on its pages, and this makes your brain work. Popular science books will give you new food for thought and memory.

2. Play computer games. There is an opinion that computer games are entertainment for children and idlers, but it is difficult to deny that they provide excellent food for the mind. For example, sudoku pro, quests offer tasks for logic and attentiveness, action games and races develop reaction, and strategies - tactical and strategic thinking.

3. Practice meditation.Don't worry, I'm not encouraging you to do something exotic. There are many types of meditation, and the simplest one is to be still: don't be distracted by TV, computer, or communication with others. Set aside at least a little time a day to be alone with yourself and you will be surprised how clear and alive your mind becomes at this time.

4. Get some rest.The more time you spend relaxing and sleeping, the better your brain perceives information. Remember, after any workout, there should be a period of rest and recovery.

5. Lead an active lifestyle.During physical activity, the brain is saturated with fresh oxygen and receives additional recharge. The less you move, the more hungry your brain gets.

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