OMNotebook exercise for modeling a high-, low- and bandpass


i have found an exercise for the Open Modelica Notebook but I have no idea how to solve it. Maybe you can helpt me?

You should create two seperate model of a hoghpass (equation: u.(t)=y.(t)*w+u(t)) and a lowpass (equatioon: y.(t)=w*u.(t)+y(t)) with the cutoff frequency w=1 as standard value.

Now you should create a model bandpass by cascading the systems and defining the input of the bandpass with u(t)=3*sin(2*t-3). OmegaT=1 and omegaH=1 should be handed over as initial values.

Finally the bandpasssystem should be simulated over 2000 seconds and plotten against the time.

I hope someone of you can help me.



OpenModelica 17-01-23, 12:12 a.m. hs99wh
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