Your schematic contain unknown model tl072

I've laid out a simple circuit based around the opamp I've got in stock (tl072).

When I click "Convert KiCAD to NGSpice" it spits out the message:

   Your schematic contain unknown model tl072

Should KicadtoNgspice already know about tl072; i.e I've got a config error?

How do I tell it where to find the relevant lib?

There were a couple of "Can't update HKCU/HKLM with PATH" type error messages at installation IIRC. And I'm not running as an admin user, whereas the installation was run with admin privileges, so any HKCU would be screwy anyhow...

Hmmn. Looking at esim-setup-script.nsi, whilst the InstallDir var is HKCU, the path setting foo is HKLM.

Thanks for your help,

eSim 22-09-15, 6:07 p.m. Ebardie
Hi Jonathan,

Kicad has lots of library and all of them can't be simulate using ngspice hence we  have created our own library in Kicad which can be simulated.

While drawing schematic please make sure to take the components from esim's library. The library starts with name esim_* .

About your second queries,yes you have to run it as administrator to set the PATH properly.

Let me check about HKLM and  HKCU. I think you are right we don't have to run it as administrator.

22-09-15, 6:28 p.m. fahim

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