CyberArk vs Azure Key vault

I was trying to understand on usages for CyberArk. Currently we are using Azure Key Vault for storing secret & credentials. Do anyone have any details when should use CyberArk or what is advantages ofCyberArk vault. over Azure Key vault.

FOCAL 10-01-23, 7:14 p.m. raivivan
CyberArk is an enterprise security solution that provides organizations with privileged access security and management. It enables organizations to protect, control, and monitor privileged accounts and access to privileged accounts. CyberArk also provides features such as privileged account discovery, privileged account monitoring, privileged session management, and privileged credential management. The main advantage of using CyberArk over Azure Key Vault is the capability to manage privileged accounts and access on-premise and in the cloud. CyberArk provides organizations with the ability to protect and control privileged accounts and access, across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Additionally, CyberArk provides organizations with the ability to discover, monitor, and manage privileged accounts and sessions, as well as manage privileged credentials. CyberArk also offers advanced authentication options, such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, to help organizations secure privileged access. In comparison, Azure Key Vault is focused on managing and protecting encryption keys and other secrets. It provides organizations with the ability to securely store and manage cryptographic keys, certificates, and secrets in a secure manner. Azure Key Vault is not designed to manage privileged accounts or access. In conclusion, organizations should use CyberArk for their privileged access security and management needs, while using Azure Key Vault for encryption
07-04-23, 9:53 p.m. steve7876

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