Franchise Information for Chai Sutta Bars

Multiple locations are currently offering the Chai Sutta Bar franchise opportunity. The franchisor estimates a 15-month payback period for a 16-lakh initial investment and a monthly return of 90,000.

This technique promotes Indian craftsmen, minimizes the use of plastic, and highlights Indian culture all at once.

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Here are Some of the Eligibility Requirements for Owning a Chai Sutta Bar

  • Investment: Financial Stability and the Capacity to Invest between 16 and 20 Lakh are Necessary for CSB Admission.
  • Expertise: Even though the franchise agreement includes support and training, owning a Chai Sutta Bar requires years of expertise in the food services sector. The day-to-day activities can only function well with the help of an experienced company or owner.
  • Location details: Opening the outlet at a proper location is important for those thinking of Chai sutta bar franchise price. The tea shop’s beverages and food areas need to be situated in a high-traffic commercial location. Locations within walking distance of a train station, bus stop, university, or major shopping district are preferred.

You don’t even need to be the owner of the property. In most major cities, monthly leases for commercial space cost between Rs 20,000-30,000.

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