How Many Types of Hugs and What Each Says About Your Relationship

Do you know how many types of hugs are there? And do you know what each of them says about your relationship?

A Hug is truly outstanding and generally acknowledged way of showing your fondness and love. It imparts numerous feelings that words neglect to communicate.

Different types of hugs are help to build the trust between two people, they can be anyone, most of time when to person meet and generally they shake hand, sometimes you would have noticed that hand shaking does not affect between both, when you will meet with lovely hugs so it affect the person, and it helps to improve the trust. Let’s see which types of hugs helpful to build a trustful relationship…

Back Hugs 2- Waist Hug 3- Hug With a Pat on The Back 4- The Eye-to-eye Hug 5- The Side Hug 6- The straddle hug 7- The London Bridge Hug 8- Quick Hug 9- The Hug with Twerk Around 10 –The Catcher Hug

These are the hugs which will definitely help to build a trustful relationship, what do you think about these hugs, share your ideas and comment on these.

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